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  1. tiiberius

    Can you drive consistent Reddit traffic?

    Looking for someone who can drive consistent, long-ter Reddit traffic to my SEO service landing page. I would prefer monthly retainer as compensation for your work but affiliate program is also possible. Traffic must be real and highly relevant of course. Please, reply or PM me. (when PMing...
  2. tiiberius

    ♐♐♐❤️ GAMBLING & HAZARD ❤️ PBN Links ❤️ ONLY For TRUE Players ❗ - DAISS ♐♐♐

    Contact options: Reply to thread PM me Chat with us live here. Email us at: Terms of Service
  3. tiiberius

    [CASE STUDY] Do English PBN links work for non-English money sites? Hmmm...

    I always get asked this question... Can I use English (PBN) backlinks for non-English money site? Well, I guess you can... Details for those interested: Website hadnicely "pillowed", branded anchor text profile when they came to us. There was almost no keyword rich anchor and site was...
  4. tiiberius

    How To Check Your Website For *Algorithmic* Penalty

    I would like to write about something close to ever SEO's heart... Algorithmic penalties and filters More specifically... How to check if your website has one. DISCLAIMER: Nothing is 100% proof and it applies to this method but it's a pretty strong indication. Method is very simple, you are...
  5. tiiberius

    Show Signature On Small Resolutions

    I noticed that signature is completely hidden on small devices/resolutions. Especially, smart phones in vertical mode. 480px width seems to be the turning point. Example: iPhone 6/7/8 (375x667) Applies to both banner and text lines. Is it possible to make the signatures visible...
  6. tiiberius

    How many times should I link from a PBN?

    People ask me this question all the time. Or similar variants. Among many others. I feel like PBN Cortana or Siri sometimes. Let me answer it in public. So... "How many times should I link from a PBN?" Depends on what you want to achieve. Let's take a closer look. Generally, people use PBN...
  7. tiiberius

    Finance PBN Links

    PM me or open a ticket. Terms of Service Update January 18, 2021: @RealDaddy has been appointed as T-RANKS (Honos) support representative here on BHW. He will handle PMs with potential and existing clients regarding this BST on my behalf.
  8. tiiberius

    T-RANKS : The only PBN affiliate program on the planet (probably)

    Remember the last time someone asked you about backlinks, you pointed them to your favorite provider and received no commission? Truth be told, affiliate programs aren't very popular among backlink services. Probably because a lot of manual work goes into them (and it does). You can always...
  9. tiiberius

    Affiliate Programs Section

    Is service fully reviewed for Affiliate Programs section like it would be for marketplace sections, before approval? AKA, do I have to provide the highest plan of my service etc etc? Thanks
  10. tiiberius

    [CASE STUDY] How to have power & control of a PBN… without PBN.

    Yes, you read that right. Let me explain… This case study revolves around the power of internal linking, site structure & silos. We are going to use power of an entire website to push one primary page in the SERPs. I call this… Page Supreme. (yes, I recently watched Star Wars) It might...
  11. tiiberius

    Is Your Page DE-indexed?

    There seems to be a lot of de-indexing happening recently. Common scenarios: - every inner page is ranking well but homepage is de-indexed (this is the most common one) - inner page(s) with the most organic traffic get de-indexed - inner page(s) with the most links get de-indexed What all...
  12. tiiberius

    ✅ 50% OFF (recurring) ▶️ Bring Your Link-Building To The Next Level █ LinkOkay

    . . Xmas & New Years special promo ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 50% OFF (recurring) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// . Click here to go directly to...
  13. tiiberius

    [METHOD] Do you have a Google penalty? Find out with this simple trick. (no WMT search console)

    QUICKLY FIND OUT IF YOUR WEBSITE HAS A SERIOUS GOOGLE PENALTY (without webmaster tools search console) (works best on manual penalties) This is just a very quick tip so I'll get right to the point... 1) Go to Google's URL shortener at: 2) Simplify your website's URL (root) 3)...
  14. tiiberius

    ❌ Are you sure your backlinks are ok? ✔️FREE sign up | LinkOkay

    . What users say... . . Contact: Reply to thread, PM me or use our chat widget. .
  15. tiiberius

    [METHOD] Make Google Show You EXACT Keyword Search Volume WITHOUT Spending A Dime!

    Don't you just LOVE that Google hid the exact search volumes of keywords in Keyword Planner? ...and gave us beautiful "ranges" instead. I'm talking about these guys: You can just FEEL the Love they have for SEOs, can't you? And only way to get rid of it is to PAY....... or is it...
  16. tiiberius

    [REVIEWS] Web-Based Backlink Monitor & Manager - 1st One of It's Kind on The Market

    Looking for BETA testers for my brand new web-based backlink monitor and management system - LinkOkay ===================== ABOUT ===================== LinkOkay is a first app of its kind on the market. Instead of building an index of links (like every other service does) which is highlight...
  17. tiiberius

    [METHOD] Are you Affraid to build (more) links?... This will help! (no, it's not an anxiety pill)

    I get it... Google can seem like a terrifying monster sometimes. Small tweak to their algorithm and moving back to the parent's basement is in order. That's where the fear of link-building is coming from. Some people are so terrified that they won't even do the "white-hat" stuff. They...
  18. tiiberius

    BHW under constant DDOS?

    Is BHW under constant DDOS for these last couple of days? Traffic on site is terrible ( and I keep being bothered by CloudFlare. Your thoughts?
  19. tiiberius

    "HACK & CHEAT"... Google Update... Did you get hit?!

    There is seems be a high amount of "hack" & "cheats" sites getting hit in the recent days. These website are usually monetized by so called Content Lockers. What is getting straight up hammered is sniper homepages. Inner pages seems to be doing better. What's interesting is that these sites...
  20. tiiberius

    ******** Censored?

    Anyone has any idea why is word ******** being censored? Word is: d o f o l l o w Nofollow = not censored ******** = censored Censoring nofollow would make more sense since it doesn't pass juice, from SEO perspective. It's a bad mojo.