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  1. Imad Klyser

    Ebay journey to 10k/Month profit.

    like i mentioned in the title , my goal is to hit 10k/month profit , it doesn't matter how much time it will take , i will make it happen. I've started on ebay 7 days ago with 4 accounts : Account 1 : 100 limit , Profit : $309,87 Account 2 : 50 limit , Profit : $39.99...
  2. Imad Klyser

    FB + CPA

    Hello everyone , i was wondering if you know any hacks/tricks to add as many people as possible who like a specific facebook page ?
  3. Imad Klyser

    CPA + Instagram

    Hello , i don't want to make the same mistakes i made for the past 365 days since i've made +10.000$ on facebook free traffic with Maxbounty and Adworkmedia but my dumbass didn't collect any single email (could've been ez money) ... so now i'm starting all over again but on Instagram and i'm...
  4. Imad Klyser

    Instagram journey (CPA + Shopify) Goal 100$/day

    Hello everyone ! i thought it would be great to share my journey with y'all , and help each other out , i'm planning to start with : - 10 IG Accounts for CPA - 10 IG Accounts for Shopify I Already have 2 IG Accounts that are pretty old : - my brand's IG : 813 Followers , each...