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  1. SupremeSauce

    What is the best practice for backlinks per page?

    I am submitting a guest post on a really authoritative site (Ahrefs DR77) that can allow up to 3 do-follow links on the post. What way should I do this? I was thinking of having 2 of them backlinks to two different money articles, and one other to the homepage? But I'm not sure if this is the...
  2. SupremeSauce

    How the hell do you recover from a Google Core Update?

    So last December I was hit super hard on my website after it was growing consistently. I lost all motivation with it to be completely honest and haven't done much with it since other than add a few articles here and there. I mentioned this on a another thread here somewhere, but I think it was...
  3. SupremeSauce

    I started a website over a year ago but never done much with it - What would you do?

    Hi, im John Quinones from What would you do... Ok, All joking aside :D I started a website just over a year ago and posted 4-5 articles on it. I've been looking to start a new blog as I had some great success with one before, but stupidly I bought cheap backlink packages and my site crashed...
  4. SupremeSauce

    Can you rank and make money off a blog that uses a Parahrase tool?

    I've been following journeys from the likes of @jonnyah and I found it really interesting. Although he has a script that posts at scale and uses something more advanced than a paraphrase tool as far as I'm aware. I was thinking of starting a blog using just a paraphrase tool then, is it possible...
  5. SupremeSauce

    Is there a bot to scrape targeted emails?

    Looking to scrape targeted emails for a certain niche. For example, if I wanted to target Painters in America. Is there a bot to scrape emails specific to a niche/hashtag? I dont think Jarvee can do this as far as im aware.
  6. SupremeSauce

    People who own lead gen agencies...

    How do you come up with a price for your services? Do you do tiers, fixed, something else? I have been sending out some cold emails and got a couple interested, but I'm a bit hesitant to go any further because they will obviously ask how much and I don't have a clue what to say. So one guy who...
  7. SupremeSauce

    Would you pay someone with a lot of knowledge in a niche for a 60 minute phone call?

    I see a lot of people charging for a 60 minute call for say dropshipping, smma, whatever it may be. Now absolutely, there are some absolute con-artists out there, but there are also some really knowledgable people. There is one particular guy who charges $200 for a 60 minute call that interests...
  8. SupremeSauce

    Anyway to get videos for free from iStock or similar?

    I presume theres no way around this, but if anyone knows it would be on this forum :) Im noticing im repeating a lot of the royalty free images/videos when editing and hoping I can make my videos a bit more unique. Does anyone know of a way around this?
  9. SupremeSauce

    Has anyone had any positive effects by using Nootropics?

    I've been looking at ways to increase my focus and concentration and came across nootropics on reddit. Seems interesting as a lot of people have had good experiences with it, but im still a bit skeptical. Can anyone chip in?
  10. SupremeSauce

    I have a $100 Bing Ads Voucher - What should I do with it?

    I dont have much experience with CPA, the only affiliate program i've had success with is my Amazon Affiliate website, but this is a lot different. Can someone provide me some tips or point me in the right direction for what I should do with it?
  11. SupremeSauce

    Do I just keep uploading and wait for the magic to happen?

    I've started a youtube channel and i've been getting a lot of great feedback on my videos. I've been sharing them on reddit and a few forums related to my niche where i'm getting the majority of my views from. Only one of my videos was getting consistent views organically through youtube. That...
  12. SupremeSauce

    Traffic still 50% down from December Core update - How do I recover?

    So my website was hit pretty hard by this update last month. I was also hit pretty badly by the May core update, but recovered pretty quickly and continued to grow from there. This is an amazon affiliate website and is about 14 months old. As you can see, there is a pretty clear drop off in...
  13. SupremeSauce

    Starting a youtube channel in a niche I love

    Hi all, I'm always trying to make money online one way or another, and I had my first 'real' success last year. I started an amazon affiliate website and it grew a lot last year. I made just under $1000 in November. However, the December Core update cost me about 50% of my traffic, and I'm down...
  14. SupremeSauce

    Confused about copryright regarding videos/images in video.

    So I have a couple of ideas for another channel I am thinking of starting. However, it would more than likely involve using images and videos that are not royalty free. For example, if I wanted to do a channel around football and included pictures of Messi and Ronaldo in the video with text or...
  15. SupremeSauce

    Has anyone had success with creating with just text and stock video/photos in the background?

    There are some examples here: I've seen a couple of these videos before where its just text on the screen with a background track and stock videos playing. Would love to know if anyone has tried and had success/failed...
  16. SupremeSauce

    Should I hide my subcount for a new channel?

    I know personally I am often put off by channels with low subs. Dont ask me why, I just am and i've read others are the same. I could be in the minority however. Is it worth it to hide subs at the beginning while you are growing or just leave them?
  17. SupremeSauce

    Should I create a new google account for each youtube channel?

    Hi all, I have a youtube channel that I paid for HQ (supposedly!) views. Its mainly just a test more than anything. However, I also want to start a legit youtube channel that follows whitehat seo methods of promoting it. I was about to create a new channel under that same email address, but...
  18. SupremeSauce

    Is Jr VIP worth it?

    Would like to hear peoples honest thoughts who have bought it. What do you like about it?
  19. SupremeSauce

    Can someone explain where I should point my backlinks to?

    I'm looking at adding some new backlinks to my website to push it forward, but if im honest I dont have a real strategy or method in place. I dont know where I should point my links to, whether that be to the homepage, a category page, or a unique article. I also dont know what my anchor texts...
  20. SupremeSauce

    I have a spare android phone not in use, am I able to make money with it somehow?

    I have a spare huawei phone not in use and was thinking about selling it, but then I thought id first ask here if there is a way I can monetise it somehow. I dont really know how much or what I have in mind at all, I just thought I would throw it out there and see if there is a method I am...