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  1. Venomstyle

    Looking for Fast & Reliable Youtube SMM

    Hey. I am looking for some Youtube SMM. I am looking for fast views, likes, and comments. It must be 100k/maximum 12/24hrs. If you have some reliable sources, for likes and comments also. Please tell me.
  2. Venomstyle

    How to monetize my skills - graphics etc.

    Hey. I`ve got many skills connected with graphic design, fb ads, instagram promotion etc. Any ideas where to find customers? Please, not Fiverr, without 100 reviews it is impossible to rank. And also suxxx. Any other ideas? :D I do not have budget for fb ads and instagram...
  3. Venomstyle

    YT Niche Idea

    Soccer is my Passion. Any ideas at what I should focus my new channel connected with soccer to be somehow original? I would like to talk about soccer or create some movies but not playing soccer. I have a lot of knowledge in case of soccer, transfers, etc. Thx!
  4. Venomstyle

    Promoting YT Channel

    Hello guys. I am creating a YT channel connected with making money, motivaton, graphic design, cryptocurrencys also because I have a lot of experience and money earned in it so I want to share my knowledge with others. Any ideas where should I promote it? FB Ads? or what? thx!
  5. Venomstyle

    Growing my Entrepreneur Youtube Channel

    Hi guys! Today I am starting this journey connected with my Youtube Channel. I have been working as an entrepreneur for few years, building my big brand, now worth around $1M and I have tested many methods, seo, promotions, etc. Now I want to teach other people how to do this. How to use some...
  6. Venomstyle

    Branding is CRUCIAL!

    Hello guys. I am starting my new series on Youtube on my brand new channel, if you want to learn something, you can check my video down below, it is an introduction to the series. I will be building successful store, from scratch step by step showing it to you, and talking about some crucial...
  7. Venomstyle

    Slideshow Videos Software

    Hi. Can you tell me which software will be the best for slideshow videos? I would like to create these type of videos with some voiceover. Any software? Premiere is too advanced to work fast in it. ;)
  8. Venomstyle

    SEO advice

    Hi! I have got a keywords with like 24-34 score in competition. And i do not know how I should jump on top. Any services I should buy? I have got quite nice articles about my niche, but i AM Under 200 position in Google. I AM newbie in case of SEO. thx!
  9. Venomstyle

    GMT2 - problem with followers

    Hi. I am building my new brand on Instagram, connected with shop etc. Anything that I could do to get better rate of followers when I am following some people? I followed like 200 people, and only I got 7 follows. How to enhance it? Thx. Should I buy fake followers to make my account more legit?
  10. Venomstyle

    YT / AdSense Journey - 1000$ a month journey.

    Hi! I would like to start a journey, connected with YT and earning on AdSense, and maybe some sponsors in the future. My topic will be reaction videos. The main thing is I do not know how to gather first viewers. Should I buy some hr views, likes and shares to boost my videos or not? If you...
  11. Venomstyle

    Graphic Design Earning Money

    Any tips? :) How to gather clients? I`ve got a limit on 99designs.
  12. Venomstyle

    Promoting Fanpage From Zero

    Hi. Any guides, posts promoting Fanpage From Zero nowadays? I AM a graphic designer and I want to promote It in my country. My budget is very low so maybe more organic traffic. Thx!
  13. Venomstyle

    Earning on graphic design

    Is IT still possibile to earn on Fiverr? How much reviews should i buy to start getting sales?
  14. Venomstyle

    Meme Website Monetize

    I've got a meme Instagram and my viewers want me to create meme Website. I have some questions. How to monetize this website? If ads, which network should I use? Next thing, can I use others people memes when mentioning the source in the description and earn on it by monetizing? How to form the...
  15. Venomstyle

    Promoting Twitch tv channel

    Hello. I am info the Twitch tv channel starting in my own language, so I have some info about my target. Any tips about how to get these first viewers? No fake viewers tips please. Thx.
  16. Venomstyle

    Monetizing Meme Instagram Account

    Hello guys. I`ve got a quite big Instagram Account around memes. And I am thinking how can I use it for monetizing? Is it possible to monetize meme account? Thanks!
  17. Venomstyle

    How to get to 0,0005$ on FB ads?

    How to get to 0,0005$ on FB ads? Any guides or something? I have an experience, but i AM probably doing something wrong.
  18. Venomstyle

    Starting design on Fiverr

    Hey. I've got a question to people, maybe some expert in Fiverr. I am I think good to start my business on Fiverr based on any type of graphic design. My questions are: 1. How to promote my services? 2. How to get first clients without putting money in advertising? And anything around...