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  1. Alacrity Digital


    What sort of results have you found from pushing your videos with this?
  2. Alacrity Digital

    I want to start an youtube gaming channel, need your help

    Found the dota player ;)
  3. Alacrity Digital - Private IPv4 .10 per Month | IPv6 Unlimited IPs .50 /Month | Custom Anti-Detection

    I'd like a free review copy please. The mod OP said that youtube wouldn't load videos, is that correct, or a bug?
  4. Alacrity Digital

    no point in buying views anymore, do it yourself

    Great job on your success! Is your bot custom or from somewhere else? I've struggled to find anything suitable. Also what type of proxies are you using?
  5. Alacrity Digital

    Youtube channel is no longer eligible to monetize because of resuse content

    Were all clips just reuploaded or did you edit them?
  6. Alacrity Digital

    no point in buying views anymore, do it yourself

    So you’ve had success recently with buying fake views the moment your video is live to push it into the algo or have I misunderstood what you mean?
  7. Alacrity Digital

    no point in buying views anymore, do it yourself

    Did you have any fake subs before you started this channel @Russ Thomas ? Or were all of your subs at the start your 100+ accounts?
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    Why not just post this in his own thread he made about it? Cringe.
  9. Alacrity Digital

    no point in buying views anymore, do it yourself

    Are you watching your videos with all of these accounts on a monetized channel? Or have you not hit monetization yet?
  10. Alacrity Digital

    EazyViral.Com - 4000 YouTube Watch Hours for Reseller | Monetized YouTube Channel in good price

    Ordered two packages - will update this thread when they're complete. So far though, customer service has been great.
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    how many times should I post?

    Makes no difference to SEO, from what I’ve seen. However, if you are able to produce a lot of good content then do so.
  12. Alacrity Digital

    Rankmath, google ignores my meta descriptions and uses article's first sentence

    Is it every article or just new ones? I’ve seen that when a new article is indexed google ignores meta, but after a few days it shows the meta that I wrote.
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    Your Interview on Ultra High DA blogs (DA 50+,40+,30+) starting from $19.99 only,50% Review discount

    Samples and discount please. Seems like a very good service.
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    ❤️❤️ Published Authors Write For You ❤️❤️+ 300 Satisfied Clients ██ Free Samples ██ Limited Articles

    I don't normally review services on this site, unless it's part of a review copy. I will make an exception today though. I bought 10 articles and received over 16,000 words of content. That makes it roughly $7 per 1600 words. The articles ranged from 700-4000+ words each and were very niche...
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    F*CKING Neighbors!!!

    Play this on repeat from a loud speaker system.
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    Spotify 2967x Premium Accounts Giveaway[Limited]

    Are these hacked accounts? I had my Spotify hacked once, and they kept playing French hip-hop which would force my PC to play it :weep:.