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  1. somewebmaster

    Do you hire help?

    * Please do not send your offers, because I'm not hiring now * I have 10 sites, 8 of them are adult tubes with embedded videos (from big, free tubes). Infrastructure: WordPress + WP-Script As this is my side job, I found myself in a situation that I just don't have enough time and energy to do...
  2. somewebmaster

    Buying Russian Guest Posts

    Hello I'm buying guest posts on Russian sites
  3. somewebmaster

    Any experience with Reddit Ads?

    Just reading Did anyone try it? What was your experience? Good for us or bad? Any recommendation, tip, warning? I was thinking about getting traffic for a hentai games page (it counts as adult traffic).
  4. somewebmaster

    G's mobile-first and backlinks

    G's mobile-first indexing is nothing new and unknown, but people still sell and share links in the sidebar and other places that are sometimes invisible in the site's mobile version. Are people ignorant or I'm missing something?
  5. somewebmaster uses bots

    I'm sure almost everybody at some moment had to deal with DMCA. My experience till now was fair-play: Google sends a notification, if it's real I delete the content, if not I complain. Now there's something different. made several meaningless complaints. For example...
  6. somewebmaster

    Adult gay traffic monetization problem

    Hello There's a hentai site with both straight and gay traffic. Straight visitors bring money with both RevShare and CPL adult games offers, but the site keeps failing to make money on gay traffic. Dating, cams, games, premium sites, toys, pills... nothing worked. Now gay visitors are offered...
  7. somewebmaster

    Any experience with Nutaku, AdultForce?

    Hi You can find affiliate programs for Nutaku (hentai games) on several other places, but after trying a few of them AdultForce worked the best for me. Now, they offer Rev-share, Pay per free sign-up DOI, and Pay per lead SOI. I started with Rev-share and on the start it was ok, I caught one...
  8. somewebmaster

    Site ranks with "Lorem ipsum..."?!

    Hello I was experimenting with and discovered an interesting site there. As far as I understand I have no right to post links here, so sorry. It has (adult) keyword in the URL and H2 and that's all. The rest of this multy-page site is an elaborate template, containing "example"...
  9. somewebmaster

    (Real/human) Adult traffic swap

    I searched around but didn't find anything satisfactory. Sorry if this question was answered 10k times before. There are two sites, both adult but different niche. The first one has great conversion rate, Rev-share and PPL. After several punishments from Google traffic dropped from 5k to 1k...
  10. somewebmaster

    Problem: Punishment from Google, Solution: Parasite SEO?

    Hello I'm in SEO less than two years and in this forum maybe a month, so I'm still learning and there's so much to learn! My site never got manual action from Google but I got a punishment year ago and then one more time right now (please see the picture). Of course, I have no idea why it has...