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  1. ThousandSteps

    10k vs 100k Facebook Page

    Hello, I am planning to grow one of my 2 facebook pages, and I am looking for some advice on which one to choose. One is about 100k likes and the second around 10k likes. I want to add for one of them another 100k likes, so: 10k -> 110k vs. 100k -> 200k Some key points that I want to take in...
  2. ThousandSteps

    What is your CR when inviting people from fb posts?

    I find it a little weird that my CR is only around 10% when I am inviting people to like my page from my posts. I am getting around 1k likes on my posts from FB ads every day, and only ~100 will like my page. Is there bug/ban, and from 1k invites only a few will receive the invite? Or something...
  3. ThousandSteps

    How to discover why adsense cpc is higher on a specific article

    After 2 years of adsense I can say that my average cpc is $0,07. But today, on a new article, my cpc was $0,28 with the same traffic, same country. Is there a way to discover why the cpc was that high?