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    How do you deal when everyone in your family and friends makes 10 times more than you do

    So how to deal with it ? Especially when you reach in mid 30s and there's very less chance to change that . I dont envy them or anything .
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    What is the best skill to learn for a 35 yr old guy (have 1-2 hours a day )?

    Consider am back to zero and have 2 hours a day of time something which is not hard to do what do you guys think ?
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    Custom copy paste keyboard shortcuts ?

    Well i want something like this CTRL+O = PARA 1 CTRL+P = PARA 2 CTRL+I= PARA 3 CTRL+J = PARA 4 And i will be using it regularly so instead of copy pasting each and everything in everywindow how do i do this ? appreciate your input guys
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    My oxygen level dropped from 99 to 90

    Am not sure if it's covid I dnt wanna get tested . Kinda scary
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    India might ban all crypto currency tommorow

    Indian govt is apparently planning to ban all cryptocurrency and then introduce their own centrally controlled cryptocurrency..
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    How difficult is it for a 35 yr old Indian to start a career in IM

    I am tired/bored of my job obviously am not going to quit it but i want to start something in IM even if its as small as making 10$ a day , i just want a new activity . getting accepted in adsense is difficult also to some cpa networks especially when you are completely new Any indian...
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    Best Non gaming Desktop PC under 55000 in India for my dad

    i haven't been using desktop for longtime now . i am looking to purchase /assemble desktop on my own and want to invest minimum on graphic card not more than 5000ish INR/ want to invest more on RAM and SSD . any inputs ? i tried google but not happy with the results
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    Best Screen capture+voice over software plus microphone for youtube videos ?

    I am planning on starting my own youtube channel on trading i think i have gained a bit knowledge and i would like to start things by posting videos on youtube I am not really planning to make money out of it but will purely do it for subscribers and passion . can someone suggest me what my...
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    Making a new indian paypal account ( previously banned around 7 years back )

    Back then my paypal was banned and closed . i now have a new address new id proof and all but the pan number is same can i make a new one or they gunna ban basing on pan number ? any idea guys ?
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    Any free Blogging video tutorial for a beginner ?

    I am looking to start blogging and ill be using wordpress (not sure yet). i am not going to do it to make money for the first 1 year its just out of passion and the amount of time i have .i am looking for a basic video tutorial which can help me from scratch .
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    Want to start wordpress blog ? what do all i need and for affordable pricing

    domain name hosting obv content and ...
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    Starting IM career at 35 years of age ?

    Title says it all anyone anyone who started around about that age and made it big ? especially when i dont have more than 5 hours per day to invest as i have a 9-5 job .
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    Any stock market traders from india ?

    Title says it all .. anyone here into stock trading ?
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    Charging clients for chatting/counselling ?

    So i found a place where i can actually charge people to just chat with me I am not a counsellor or have any degree in counselling or anything as such i was wondering if its legal for an indian guy to start something this sort ? i wanna make a site and charge people to chat with me i dont...
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    Which Cpa network will approve indians quick ? i am looking to promote under " dog " niche something more specific i dont own any youtube site or websites or anything ..
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    Best free video editor for editing 1000 youtube video ?

    I am looking to edit around 1000 youtube videos and add voice to some music to some ,,texts and etc etc .... which one do u think is good ? i need it to be as simple as possible and user friendly
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    Editing others youtube videos and re uploading to my channel ?

    what could go wrong account could get banned right ? i wanna throw in my clickbank affiliate link with 100 such video in my niche all on youtube .. is that a good idea ?
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    whats the most used shopping site in usa ?

    i want to know if its ebay or something else and is there a way to findout what term is searched most on ebay ?? some kind of software ??
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    free and best keyword research tool ?

    whats the best keyword research tool available for free .. something like google trends and more accurate ? i want for specific areas ..
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    where can i get free hosting and cheap domain name for first year?

    Anyone knows where i can get free hosting and cheap domain name for first year? or some sort of coupon ?