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  1. chantelloo

    Youtube Partner Program, Video count does matter

    Hi Community, does the video count which i uploded does matter if youtbe will accpet me? or other question, can i get accepted with only one video which is 10 minutes long ? (based that i have 1k subscriber and enough watch time) regards
  2. chantelloo

    how to know if a youtube channel is monetized??

    hi ? how to know if a youtube channel is monetized when iam not the owner? is that possible? thanks in advance! regards
  3. chantelloo

    Landing Page like this

    hello community, how can i create fast a landing page like this: any plugin or something like that? recommend hosting? thanksin advance! regards
  4. chantelloo

    how to hide/fake the LAN IP on Browser

    hey, how can i fake my LAN IP? i use proxies for chrome and firefox. when i check my ip on the real ip works yes, but whats about the lan ip? when "" can track/read the lan ip, can every site track me with that?? the site also can read my LAN Ip (scroll to the bottom...
  5. chantelloo

    [For Sale] Instagram Accounts With Real Followers 20+ Various Niches

    Hello BHW, i have a lot of Instagram accounts with real followers and various niches! I have grown them automation, slowly and safe. All accounts are PV with a real Sim Card. Original email will be provided. Engagement Rate is 2-8% available accounts: I also have smaller accounts...
  6. chantelloo

    [Giveaway] Free Ipv6 Proxy For Instagram (1 Per Member)

    Hello, i have 50 instagram proxys which I do not need anymore. so i am giving away a FREE Ipv6 Instagram Proxy for a member with at least 20 posts. The proxy will works until 2018-05-29 (20 Days). The proxy will works only for Instagram and is private (only for you)! It's just a giveaway and I'm...
  7. chantelloo

    3 Free Sim Cards!

    Hey Community, here you can order up to 3 free sim cards! you can use it for PVA. link: EDIT: Only Available in Germany SORRY! regards
  8. chantelloo

    4k Stogram

    looks like 4k stogram does not work for me. are there any good alternatives which works? i just want to download pictures from users. regards
  9. chantelloo

    need help in excel macro

    what i need is a script respectively a macro. exmaple: i have column A what i want is, when i change the value in cell 10A , then the date (today) should bet set in cell 10X when i change the value in cell 11A, then set in cell 11X. regards
  10. chantelloo

    analyze IG Account

    Hey community, i want to analyze my ig account. Need to know whats the bet time to Post:D. Want to know from which country my followers, so i can check the best time. How can i do this? is it possible at all ? regards
  11. chantelloo

    IG PV

    Hey, whats the best service for IG Phone Validation? i tryed Textnow with 5 different are codes.. dont got a single message :( IG told me that they messaged me... regards
  12. chantelloo

    Looking for IpTorrents INVITE

    Hey guys, Looking for a IPTorrents invite. Can anyone help me? ;)