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    Professional Logos, Banners, Web Design & Social Media Services Offer! Check Reviews

    Another order, another awesome job done! Thank you Ali.
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    A Moral Compass

    Moral Compass “used in reference to a person's ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly. “ That is what I found with a quick Google search and it’s perfect. I will try to say this as polite and respectful as I possibly can because I don’t mean to point fingers at anyone...
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    Bitspyder Invitation Giveaway

    awesome, I'll take one if possible.
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    Aye. Anyone here working from Toronto?

    I'm just outside the GTA in Prince Edward County. Spent many years in and around the GTA
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    Need a WordPress master to fix the "missing temp folder" error

    I have tried about 30 fixes for the error I am receiving in WordPress when trying to upload an image. The WordPress install is new and theme, and themes required plugins are installed. The website is hosted with Yahoo small business. Things I have tried: deactivate unnessary plugins add...
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    DNS Records changed - but not on my Windows PC - Please Help.

    I have had these issues as well and they are bullshit. I have tried a few thing with results, an incognito tab in chrome or use your cell phone as a hotspot and connect with the windows laptop. Once you connect through hotspot, then return to your wifi and try again.
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    Joint Venture Chance for Ebay Seller Account Owners

    Hey there, ebay account from 2003 with 100% feedback
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    [GET] Free Graphics done for you (20x copies available)

    Interested in a logo if possible!
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    Increase your website Ahrefs DR & UR to 50+ Permanently [50% OFF]

    discount code if possible, thanks
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    What do you think about Reddit ads?

    lol, all of them are shit heads? Reddit is awesome and has so much useful stuff on it.
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    [Give Away ] Buy This expired Domain 37 DA 29 PA

    damn, thought I was going to win this with only 2 mins left and then all the bidding started :(
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    Professional Logos, Banners, Web Design & Social Media Services Offer! Check Reviews

    Order number: 112399316 This is my 4th or 5th logo, always happy with the results!!!
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    There is a lot of value in this post, awesome work! Thanks for taking the time to create the post!
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    Speed up article writing

    You could try article forge to populate the 1500 words and then edit your material in there but I find editing takes longer than writing. You can also have someone rewrite an article you like for way less money than an original piece. Lastly, use expired content and make small changes but that...
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    a free website, hosting and connect your own domain for free

    follow this guys tutorial, its easy to follow. Make sure you do a full back up of your website with wp-migrate before you start this process. All the tutorials you need though, this guy has. You will also need FileZilla.