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  1. Jimmy L

    PDF Backlinks

    One of my competitors used the weirdest PDFs for his/her backlinks. Their site went from 3K monthly visits to 12K visits in a month according to SEMrush. When you click on the PDF, it goes to a weird ebook, not in their niche. The title of their website is in the URL and not in the PDF...
  2. Jimmy L

    Buy a Home?

    The town I live in everybody owns homes. I feel like I'm the only one in my 30s that rent. My daughter who is in 1st-grade parents all own homes and hear I'm renting a freaking duplex! I only pay $700 a month for a three bedroom duplex that needs updating (average rent 1600 month in my area)...
  3. Jimmy L

    What would you do?

    This website is advertising the same design like me, and on their site, their description is the same as mine I came up with. They are advertising on FB the same image and description. I understand it's competition but come on twist it up a bit! I contacted Shopi fy, and they don't do shit and...
  4. Jimmy L

    Clients Vs eCommerce Brand

    What's up guy, in your opinion what is more lucrative building an eCommerce brand or getting clients? What do you think the pros and cons are?
  5. Jimmy L

    Block text

    Hey guys, I blocked old coworkers I use to work with and I received a new phone and my old coworkers are calling and texting me again! I have an iPhone and I know if you block someone it goes to voicemail on the first ring. This is fuckin annoying! It's been a year since I quit my job. Could i...
  6. Jimmy L

    Alternative to Shippo

    I do send out packages myself and a shit load of them. Is their any alternative to Shippo with better prices?
  7. Jimmy L

    Banks that are good

    What US banks are good with transferring funds and receiving funds when trading Crypto?
  8. Jimmy L

    Advice would be appreciated

    I would like to buy stocks..Where can I buy stocks and leave it alone for the long term? Is eTrade good? I would like to buy Crypto but my CC is being declined! Thank you.
  9. Jimmy L

    Reddit url

    Stupid question but do I give the entire reddit url when I want upvotes?
  10. Jimmy L

    When will this link be indexed

    I received a backlink from a high authority website with DA 40 that is niche related. When should I expect it to be indexed and show ranking improvement?
  11. Jimmy L

    Expensive Accountant or Not!

    My accountant wants to charge 3-4K for all the stuff she has to do with my business. I have many many receipts from 16 and 17. She has to amend my taxes from 16 (business and W2's). I have to structure my business. I'm from the US... does that sound right for an accountant price?
  12. Jimmy L

    Accurate Evaluation

    I was thinking about selling my brand website and got a potential value of 340K on empire flippers. I didn't go through the vetting process. However, I did put in accurate numbers. When you put down monthly revenue and expenses... do these websites include PP fees & Shopify fees? How accurate...
  13. Jimmy L

    FB is Listening?

    Are you surprised FB is listening to us via the mobile app? When do you think FB will be the next MySpace?
  14. Jimmy L

    What do I bring to the accountant?

    I have a appointment with the accountant this week. What do I bring with me being self employed? I asked the receptionist and she said bring everything that has to do with my business. I have many receipts but how do I show FB advertising cost, Shopify sales, merchant fees, etc? Any advice...
  15. Jimmy L

    Please explain this too me

    I been deleting some of my "facebook friends" because all I see is them posting their Shopify stats making 100K, 200K a month etc. Why don't anybody show a breakdown of their cog's, operating expenses, advertising & marketing and merchant fees! Some of these people are not selling courses so...
  16. Jimmy L

    What makes your FB ads cost so much?

    I hear so many different things regarding FB cost. What do you look at when trying to keep your cost down for FB ads... CPM, CPC (all) CPP, CPC (link clicks) or something else. I notice when my cost per purchase is low and my CPM is high I get billed quicker.
  17. Jimmy L

    Anybody go to masterminds?

    I notice a lot of people on FB go to masterminds like the one this week... funnel hacking live. I never been to one and don't know if it would benefit me. I feel like people go to just meet new people and networking which is cool but I would rather be solo haha. I'm sure a lot of these...
  18. Jimmy L

    Why do families hate?

    I'm doing OK but most importantly I'm my own boss. My in laws are always acting shady when I tell them what I do. I use to have a good paying 9-5 and they knew that. Now I work with clients and have been building Ecommerce websites on the side. They always ask what are my websites and what...
  19. Jimmy L

    What is the most lucrative niche

    For those of you that have a actual brand if you could start over or advise someone what niche would you say is good for a long term business that makes a lot of money?
  20. Jimmy L

    Best choice for backlinks

    My eCommerce website has a little organic traffic in a no competition niche. My competitor is ranking #1 for a main keyword (700 searches monthly) and 11 long tail keywords in the #1 spot. All the keywords add up to almost 4K monthly searches. In the top 10 his website is ranked, his FB page...