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  1. MrAnta997

    Russian mathematician

    I recently read an article about a Russian mathematician called "Alex".. The guy runs an organisation for exploiting slot machines in casinos (certain manufacturers, but one of them is major in the industry, so there are plenty of slots everywhere in the world).. Has anyone heard a bit more...
  2. MrAnta997

    Matched betting

    Hey there, will try to make it as short as possible.. This thread is mainly for Eastern European guys and gals.. Problem: Betfair doesn't allow us (Most Eastern Europe countries) to make profile and collect bonus.. Is there an alternative site, or is there a way to go around this problem...
  3. MrAnta997

    Day trading

    Hey guys.. Couple of questions.. A lots of guys on Yt are doin day trading and all of them are some kind of a fucking gurus.. I find this forum relatively reliable, I mean, I invested in stuff I'm learning here, so yeah, i think you guys are genuine.. Anyway, do you guys have success with day...
  4. MrAnta997

    Keeping everything organised

    Hey guys, Quick question.. How do you keep your business(es) organised?? I have 20 Ig accounts and already I have 10 notepads open, find this, find that.. I'll try to make spreadsheet (Everything I do, I make spreadsheet for it so it gets easier to manage) for my operation, when I do, I'll...
  5. MrAnta997

    [Ig + Cpa] Journey to $5 - $20 - $50 - $100 per day

    To keep it as readable as possible, I'll devide it in sections. About me: I'm 21-yearsold from one Balkan country (Southeast Europe).. I work 9h/day for €250/month.. For the last couple of years, I've been researching Im, lifestyle, agriculture, machining (Cnc).. So I kinda have checkpoints...
  6. MrAnta997

    [Q] Explain VPS

    Hey, guys.. I created this thread cause I couldn't find thread explaining what should I look for when I buy VPS.. I understand what it does, but I don't know which stats are good/bad.. I plan to do Ig + Cpa and I need VPS.. For now, it's no more than 20 accs, so it doesn't have to be strong...
  7. MrAnta997

    PayPal account limited access

    It's my account, my infos, no fake stuff.. I didn't provide credit card cause I have Serbian debit card, so when I tried today, it let me type in details, but error message says that I should try again.. Any similar experience??
  8. MrAnta997

    Your opinion on my beginning of the instagram journey

    Hello bhw community.. I need your opinion on this.. I want to start Ig + Cpa now.. Read a lot of threads and I think I'm ready for the first step which is creating 10-20 accounts and let them age.. Here are the "tools" I plan to use.. Bot: Gmt2 Pva: Smspva Proxy: MassProxy Cpa: OgAds Vm...
  9. MrAnta997

    From 0 to $1

    Hi there, My name is Uros.. Although I'm newbie, I found out about BHW and WF a long time ago (I think it was '12-'13..) Can you actually tell me how to start.. I started 2-3 times, ended up in minus, so I had to stop.. Not the method, but the mindset.. Tell me your first successful...