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  1. tonegawa

    Hosting affiliates with recurring payment

    Hi, Does anyone know which hosting companies have affiliate programs with recurring payment? The ones I know either give a flat commission or a percentage only for the first sale (e.g. namecheap)
  2. tonegawa

    Is it worth to use an EMD mispelling for an "important" niche?

    Hi, I have found a free .net domain with the name of an important niche. The name is mispelled but it has 4400 exact monthly searches, medium competition and ? 0.51 CPC for example, if the niche was "weight loss" I would have found Do you think it is worth to invest in...
  3. tonegawa

    exploiting these news for affiliate sales :) lol, I'm not actually doing this but it is interesting
  4. tonegawa

    Why is my post count stuck to 83?

    Hi, It has been something like 1 or 2 weeks and maybe 10 posts and my post count is not increasing. Is there something wrong with my account? :confused:
  5. tonegawa

    A useful google tool I didn't know

    Hi everyone, I have just found this useful tool from google: It shows the time evolution of the volume of keyword searches and their geographical distribution. I think it's very interesting for catching low search volume keywords which are...
  6. tonegawa

    12 uncomfortably sexual company logos lol :D
  7. tonegawa

    Can someone answer these questions?

    Hello BHW users, I'm new to blackhat methods. I'm very happy to have found this place, it's full of useful information. Anyway, I have some questions for which I can't find the answers in the forum: 1)How can I check the ip of the sender of an email? I need to know in order to see if my ip...