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  1. Flask

    Making Money on Paid Quizzes in Social Media

    Hi all, I haven't been on BHW for a while, and one of the noticeable differences between today and 2017 are quiz journeys. At least @Hahn, @jamesdarby108 and @Medoz15 currently run their dairies with success and demonstrate surprisingly good traction from social networks. My question is the...
  2. Flask

    Do emoji help in selling threads?

    Hi, I'm here for pretty long and haven't seen much emoji in posts🌳. I thought they could make a post more catchy. Am I wrong?
  3. Flask

    What payment methods you choose when withdrawing from adult affiliate networks?

    It seems that adult affiliate nwks still live in kinda stone age era by allowing very limited withdrawing options as checks (anyone still using them?) and wire transfers. I'm curious if it is OK to use them, or other alternatives as Paxum, Payoneer, Skrill are better than good old checks/wires...
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    Need: Buying FB status updates for advertising a web dating app

    Hi, I'm open to offers of selling Fb status updates. Plz send me a PM with a FB page on which you sell + total likes/reach.
  5. Flask

    Weirdo: Ppl just don't take gold when it's free

    We've just have started sales of personal elite proxies (per day), but reviewers were delaying their review, so we decided to warm up our sales and support the community by giving some stuff for completely free here...
  6. Flask


    I've heard somewhere that during the SWW British officers received 3 condoms for a weekend. One for Saturday, one for Sunday, and one spare condom. Maybe it's a bullshit, but...:) I also want to contribute to the community and give you guys some modern contraception for a weekend - personal vpn...
  7. Flask

    HTTPS, SOCKS, VPN Proxies from ONLY $0.35. Private Anonymizers. FRESH AND FAST!

    Thread closed until further notice, due to the OP being absent for an extended amount of time. "Wiz" Reseller discounts. We offer 15% discount on bulk orders. Please PM me if you wish to resell. Refund Policy. We will eagerly refund in full in case of problems with order delivery. Otherwise...
  8. Flask

    Need a local Ruby developer in Smolensk

    Hi, we are promoting a music band in Smolensk and would like to have a backend web-service and a simple CMS to serve our demo site, and need a handy geek with Ruby experience to join our team. Please send your portfolio and quotes to PM.
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    AMAZING presents due to my BIRTHDAY today

    Hi! It's my birthday today,;););) and I would like to celebrate it with the community!:super: I'm glad to be here among you guys, and you are my best buddies I'm happy to work and chit-chat with. But hey!!! A birthday without presents is not a birthday! So friends, I expect presents from...
  10. Flask

    Looking for SPORTS BETTING traffic for CONVERSIONS

    I have a multiplayer game basing on football/soccer betting and would like to build up audience for the FB fan page. The "betting" traffic from AdWords converts well but it is too expensive for me. Could you please suggest any good sources to look at?