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  1. NabZ

    Affiliate + Paid Marketing

    you don't run straight to affiliate links, you take the users to your landing page from there it goes to affiliate landing page
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    Clickbank - Beginner Questions (paid traffic)

    Thank you :)
  3. NabZ

    Affiliate + Paid Marketing

    Are you running facebook ads or some other paid network?
  4. NabZ

    Affiliate + Paid Marketing

    Do you run the ads to your landing page and then to offer? or do you send the customers directly to the offer? What is Redtracker??
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    Affiliate + Paid Marketing

    Newbie Affiliate Question! Want to hear an opinion of individuals who have been in affiliate game for awhile. The more and more I learn and research about affiliate marketing, it seems like that it is highly recommended to run paid ads on your offers. If that true?? If a newbie just...
  6. NabZ

    Clickbank - Beginner Questions (paid traffic)

    I am new to affiliate marketing as well, looking for guide as much as I can. Do you mind sharing the URL of the article here, really appreciate it. Thanks
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    59 Chinese Apps Banned in India including TIKTOK

    With all the tension going on India and China border, no wonder why they ban these apps
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    Youtube Course

    Hey team, What are some of the good YouTube courses that mainly focuses on driving traffic to video/channels, gaining subscribers etc? Something that I can find on BHW as well haha
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    ⛔ Take Your Rivals On ⛔ Scare Them Off ⛔ TF & CF Links Help You Gear Up To Top At $1.9

    Can you PM me some samples please also, are these links good for money site?
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    Affiliate Website Question

    Affiliate Marketing Newbie question What is the best practice for new affiliate site? - Do I create a site that only promotes one products from different brands? --> I.e If my niche is clothing, my sub-niche is SHOES, do i just promote Nike shoes....Adidas shoes...Jordan shoes etc?? - OR do I...
  11. NabZ

    Changes To The Content Samurai Free Trial

    lot of people were abusing their system. I mean I was happy they offered pretty much everything for free, but still.....come on
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    Are those PBNs good for money sites?? can you please send some samples my way Cheers,
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    What course should I invest in?

    This is why I LOVE this community. Thanks every single one of them who answer my question. I'm def going to check out the resources shared by many folks. yeah....Im not going to invest my money into any course. I'm just start with finding course in here and go from there. I was def looking...
  14. NabZ

    What course should I invest in?

    How's your experience with them? Enlighten us a little bit
  15. NabZ

    What course should I invest in?

    How's your experience with them? Enlighten us a little bit
  16. NabZ

    What course should I invest in?

    Hey folks. I am pretty new to blogging and affiliate marketing world & still in the process of learning. I am thinking about investing in a course/program that teaches both blogging and affiliate marketing at the same time. I guess it goes hand in hard. I've watched so many videos on YT about...
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    Copy paste the list into excel and filter it
  18. NabZ

    Any SSL for Free Alternative?

    Cloudflare provide free SSL services.
  19. NabZ

    searching someone who can add (features,homepage) page

    @greenville445 I can help you out with it. Shoot me a quick PM