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  1. Neuros

    those full time IM hows your daily life go?

    enjoying my solitude by eating a whole pizza at the sink like a fcking pig.
  2. Neuros

    Something new for me - Youtube proof videos + CPA/CPI/PIN submits

    It's a little boring not giving any information at all but hey, if it keeps you motivated then go for it !!
  3. Neuros

    I can't stop laughing

    Yeah that might work well for everyone
  4. Neuros

    did anyone else see this? (they calling this the covid-19 conspiracy)

    Who is releasing this kind of stuff on a Sunday night lmao. There are a lot of theories going on about the covid but I can assure you on of the most important things about it is that the virus is actually real and we all have to be careful about it
  5. Neuros

    Tools you might need that does not exist?

    Making money while snoring lmao
  6. Neuros

    What if Humans are Aliens?

    I think of that every night before I go to sleep.
  7. Neuros

    Help Out Others

    Trust me, been doing this sort of charity for a very long time now and I can tell u it always feels good to see the smile on their faces when I give a 20 or a 50 every week I go in the strip club.
  8. Neuros

    Confess as you have sinned

    oh, I wouldn't open that door. No no no no I am outta here
  9. Neuros

    I suck at IM | Also I Can't wait to quit my job | Bugged brain

    Firstly - Mindset. Secondly - Lifestyle These two are very important. If you lose yourself watching some series all day or doing nothing cuz u feel like it you will never make it. Push yourself everytime you feel down, find something you like to do and whenever you are feeling down, push harder...
  10. Neuros

    [JOURNEY] Movie Site from Zero to 50 $ per day

    Everything you do is manually for you? Wouldn't that take a long time to download and upload everything??
  11. Neuros

    When does this sense of emptiness disappear?

    I tell you the solution. 100% working and is recommended by the best doctors in LA
  12. Neuros

    What if you're Ageing Reverse from the next morning?

    Is not even weekend :D
  13. Neuros

    What Is Your Real Name?

    I am Elon
  14. Neuros

    My jorney to 200$ a day ADULT CPA

    You definitely have to step up your game but without knowing where your issue is I can't help you OP. Why aren't you scaling it up?
  15. Neuros

    Playing poker online to raise money for my first IM proyect!

    7 Billion people out there, you have no idea of the requests some of them have, better don't go down that road
  16. Neuros

    How to monetize a Facebook sports group

    Difficult to monetize the tier 3 country, the best idea would be to join a refferal program or if you are good at it build a website and give them tips, in there you can add ads or smth
  17. Neuros

    Playing poker online to raise money for my first IM proyect!

    That's what every gambler says man, not a good idea to do that. Personally, I have heard that sentence a dozen times and it never ended well.