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  1. MrAnta997

    Should I take the COVID vaccine?

    Well, it's your body.. My personal opinion is that vax ain't good, lack of trils,too much media coverage etc, sounds kinda phishy.. But(!!) neither me nor anyone else should be allowed to tell you what to do, it's your body,your health at the end of a day.. I can't be held responsible for...
  2. MrAnta997

    What's your favorite life hack?

    Snake diet?? Did that fir few months, biggest issue is healing suggar addiction, everything else is like a charm.. Was in the mood for everything, you get iver that first month,body adapts and you're goid to go
  3. MrAnta997

    Boris announces Covid passports

    Congrats, you're protected Would you be kind enough to respect my right to chose wether or not I'm gonna get a jab?? Thanks
  4. MrAnta997

    Boris announces Covid passports

    Democracy Discrimination
  5. MrAnta997

    Boris announces Covid passports

    Main difference is that I respect your rights but you don't respect mine..
  6. MrAnta997

    Boris announces Covid passports

    All we're doing here now is rating their marketing.. Tbh, they get 4 stars for it, gotta admit it's well done
  7. MrAnta997

    Boris announces Covid passports

    Oh, you mean those tik tok nurses and doctors? Damn man, you get your opinion built upon words from someone who's making money if you get sick.. Do you realise doctors get bonuses for writing prescriptions, right? There's sayin: Modern medicine evolved that much that there're no healty people...
  8. MrAnta997

    Boris announces Covid passports

    Did you see it with your own eyes? (russian and indian cremtoriums) Stop watching tv, it's called tv program(ming) for a reason.. I feel sorry for your fears, dude.. I guess you're not a bad guy, but you're scared, and you should deal with that.. One friend of a friend died of heart attack...
  9. MrAnta997

    Boris announces Covid passports

    Simple question: If jab protects you from "vi rus", why are you afraid of not jabed person?? I'm against it, but I am for everyone to have it, if they want to. That's your beliefe, your body, do whatever you want..
  10. MrAnta997

    Get an "" That Will Allow You To Get a Lot Of Benefits

    Email I received "Congratulations on successfully creating your OpenCCC Account. etc, etc" And I got CCCID xD Haha, tell me that I managed to sign up on the wrong site xD Also, I tried to sign up without ssn, just checked those "I'm an alien or something like that" fields and it worked, I...
  11. MrAnta997

    [Easy Method] Grab Clients Looking for Blogger Outreach / SEO Solutions by Ahrefs Tool

    - Find out what someones problem is - Find the way to solve that problem - Propose the solution - Make win-win situation You're not selling the solution, he's buying it (if you understand me.. You don't have to persuade the client, you just simply propose the solution of his problem, not...
  12. MrAnta997

    Russian mathematician

    Card counting with bet spread with <2%ror means that you need a $50k bank to earn $100/h and you risk being backed off if they catch you while you have loosing streak (I don't do it, but based on other peoples experience, this is how I understood it).. There are guys making money doing it, but...
  13. MrAnta997

    Russian mathematician

    The problem is using electronic devices in casino.. And ofc, the "$250.000 per week" is one of the reasons many got jailed.. I know a guy who cracked a lock on parking meter ('90s coin machines).. Well, let's say that he and his friends made a big european capital to change all of parking...
  14. MrAnta997

    Russian mathematician

    I recently read an article about a Russian mathematician called "Alex".. The guy runs an organisation for exploiting slot machines in casinos (certain manufacturers, but one of them is major in the industry, so there are plenty of slots everywhere in the world).. Has anyone heard a bit more...
  15. MrAnta997

    question about backlinks

    Could you post couple more links on seo?? (basic stuff) I searched a lot, learned a lot, but I lack in basics so I kinda can't put it all together and create my first affiliate site xD Also, off topic, how big of a bank should I have for the beginning?? (Affiliate sites) I know it depends on...
  16. MrAnta997

    [Journey] Let's grow this website till it becomes an Authority

    Hey, first of all, thanks for sharing this much value!! I'm procrastinating af, but decided to give myself 2 more months to research and save money to start my first site.. What are the guides (except those few links you provided earlier in the thread) you think would be newbie friendly and...
  17. MrAnta997

    [JOURNEY] Road to 1K $ a month with GOOGLE PLAY SPAM

    Where did you learn the most about this method?? (Which bhw thread) It's interesting, but since it's a journey thread I don't wanna ask you basic questions and waste your time.. So if you could share the threads from which you learned the most about?? Thanks and good luck!!
  18. MrAnta997

    TUTORIAL. How I Am Trading Cryptos And Getting Profitable Trades 98% Of The Time.

    Don't sell it, it would be disrespectful towards Qf Luc since he spent a lot of his time explaining us how to trade, and did it all for free..
  19. MrAnta997

    I am having a surgery - Please pray for me!

    Good luck, bro
  20. MrAnta997

    Why do people think rockets work in space.

    I would have to disagree with you in some parts.. U see, I'm from Balkan, we have war every 2-3 decades here.. Now, if you don't question all those "truths" served by politicians and science communiies, you'd get hooked to an idea that you're a patriot if you take gun and fight for "your...