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  1. daddyj2

    Google adsense question

    Hey guy's just want to ask if it is possible to transfer google adsense and youtube channel ownership without compromising the gmail account? I mean I want to sell my google adsense and youtube channel but I don't want my gmail account to be included. Is this possible?
  2. daddyj2

    (Need) Ifree Network Review

    Hey guy's just want to ask your opinion/thoughts about this network. I was looking for a network where I can cash out my earnings on youtube fast/weekly and this network offer just that and they don't have lock in contracts. I heard they have a Net 1 Payment and the minimum cash out is $5 so if...
  3. daddyj2

    Google adsense Payment Question

    Hi there, Just want to ask something about google adsense payment. I set my google adsense payment to $200 but I want to cash it now so I decided to make my minimum cash out to $100. I already have $100+ on my google adsense account now. My question is when do I expect it to be sent to me? This...
  4. daddyj2

    YouTube/Adsense payment question.

    Hi BHW, just want to ask about youtube earnings. Our earnings in youtube is credited every 12 of the month right? just want to ask if the earnings on Jan.12 is the earnings from Dec. 13,2019 - Jan. 11,2020 or is it from Nov. 13,2019 - Dec. 12,2019? I'm still new on youtube just got my first...
  5. daddyj2

    YouTube Monetization Question

    Hi guy's just want to ask something about youtube monetization. I uploaded a youtube video 2 months ago and surprisingly the video gets a lot of views. I already hit 1,000+ Subs and 4k watch time and still getting organic views until now. The video consist of my voice and images on google which...
  6. daddyj2

    How to withdraw Brave Browser Rewards?

    Hey guys Just want to know how can I withdraw my rewards on brave. I'm still confused here. So I installed brave browser in the past hoping to make money thru BAT tokens but it was worthless (for me) so I stop using it and uninstalled it. Today, I see a youtube video about Brave browser again...
  7. daddyj2

    Facebook Reach

    My facebook page post reach has gone down more than 50% than the usual this past three days. I mean I was getting 300-600 likes and 70-150 shares on my every post last week until Tuesday and since Wednesday I am only getting 80-150 likes on every post and 20-40 shares. Is there someone also...
  8. daddyj2

    How to fasten the review process on Youtube monetization?

    As the tittle says how to fasten this process? There was once a thread here where I see that you need to dm a certain youtube twitter account but I forgot where did I see that here and I forgot the twitter handle that you need to dm. Is there anybody here that has a method or a way to fasten...
  9. daddyj2

    Facebook videos?

    Hi all just want to ask a recommendation on where to get videos that I can safely upload on my facebook page without getting a copyright strike. Or how do people upload videos on facebook without getting copyrights? I see a lot of pages posting videos that I know they're not the ones who made it.
  10. daddyj2

    YouTube Question

    Hi blackhaters, Just want to ask something about YouTube. In the past when there was no requirements for youtube monetization I have a channel that was link to youtube adsense and when the requirements come up the youtube channel got disable its monetization. Now I created a channel again with...
  11. daddyj2

    IG Targeting Question

    Hello, I just want to ask how do you guys target who you follow if you are in "Free Followers Niche". I mean how do you choose whose followers should you follow or what keywords you use on this niche? I just try out IG+OGads and use free followers niche but I'm just following followers of famous...
  12. daddyj2

    How to tell what network a YT channel make money from?

    is there a way to check what network a YT channel uses to monetize their videos?
  13. daddyj2

    Instagram bio question

    hi guys just want to know how do you make your followers click on the link on your bio? can someone please give an example. Thanks
  14. daddyj2

    CPA Question

    What do you call this site? Sorry I forgot. And what was the term I will search if I want to hijack this and make this my own? Thanks Soo noob<---
  15. daddyj2

    How to promote smartlinks?

    I just see today about this smartlinks and been searching on youtube and google how to promote or use smartlinks but I can't find the right answer. How do you guys promote smartlinks? I already sign up on adverten and was planning to promote their smartlinks on my youtube channel. How do I...
  16. daddyj2

    Need suggestion (YT+CPA)

    I need help guy's I created a YT channel and hoping someone can recommend a way to monetize it. I was planning to monetize it by adsense or network but I think the niche I'm in will not let me join them so I was thinking of monetizing it by CPA. What CPA network or offer can I use to monetize a...
  17. daddyj2

    Need some suggestions on YT

    Hi bhw community just want some suggestions. I am experimenting a youtube channel I don't know if its a blackhat channel but I don't use fake views. I just upload some stuff in my channel and slowly growing. My viewers are 100% male and most of my viewers came from mobile devices. I just want to...
  18. daddyj2

    Is Micro niche site a good investment?

    As the tittle says Is Micro Niche Site a good investment? Is it still profitable? Just want to ask what are your thoughts about this. Thanks
  19. daddyj2

    HELP Can't sign in to gmail or youtube

    Hi BHW family need some help I cant sign in to my gmail account when I put my credentials and press the next button nothing happens. My internet connection is 3mbps+ and other sites are working fine. I already search on google how to fix but I cant find the solution to my problem. What might be...
  20. daddyj2

    Is down?

    Or is it only me who can't visit the site?