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  1. Jorge2local

    Best blogging strategy

    I have a blog with my e-commerce site, and I need your suggestions on how I can promote my site through a blog. I know that BHW champions will have some outstanding ideas to share :):rolleyes:
  2. Jorge2local

    Best Strategy to boost eCommerce Business ?

    Hi Guys, I am a learner but I know in BHW, there must be so many champs who can suggest the best strategy to boost eCommerce Business. I want you to share your experience or your ideas to help newcomers or a learner like me. I know about SEO, SMM & Paid Advertisements but I would like to hear...
  3. Jorge2local

    Most perfect blogging platform ?

    I would like to share my experience on free blogging platforms, I tried hundreds of blogging platforms, I liked working in blogger. It offers many gadgets, and unlike most blogging platforms, it allows us to make coding changes. I'm sure not all of you like a blogger, but what is your perfect...
  4. Jorge2local

    Hi Everyone

    I am Jorge from Chicago I am a digital marketing specialist and I have been running the agency for the past 8 years and i am here to learn some useful strategies and willing to hire talented service providers who can help me in Contents Creation and Links Building. I hope i will get what i want.