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  1. ExtremeRandom

    Multiloginapp Alternatives?

    If anyone is curious i ended up uninstalling Multilogin back around the time i made my first post in this thread and instead made my own that suits my purposes. Ghost browser and Multilogin were pretty good (multilogin had issues with crashing back then) but im not payin gall that money for...
  2. ExtremeRandom

    [Beta Testers] TurboEAC (Email Accounts Creator)

    Report your thread so it will be closed
  3. ExtremeRandom

    ❇️[TARGETONE] ▶️Get Ready to Hit 1st Page Rankings - Huge Link Diversity & Rank Boosting At One Place ▶️ Special Deals

    Trying out the service with an review package, will update later with the review
  4. ExtremeRandom

    [Reviewers Needed] Backlinks service

    I have a shopify drop shipping site this could be tested on. No problem writing a detailed review
  5. ExtremeRandom

    Install ios app using referral code(3 ppl)

    Will pay ($2 per person) in BTC or ETH. Just need 3 people so I can get an referral bonus. Pm
  6. ExtremeRandom

    Earn 1000$ a month | Social Media Evaluator

    Appen bought Leapforce
  7. ExtremeRandom

    Need someone to upload torrents to multiple sites

    Would be great if your account is verified on the major tormenting sites, tpb, lime torrents etc. I dont feel like going through the trouble of mass uploading myself. Was scammed last time I tried to find someone
  8. ExtremeRandom

    Earn 1000$ a month | Social Media Evaluator

    You dont have to have your face in it, i have never made a resume with a picture in it. But that pay is shitty. Leapforce has 13.50 a hour in US
  9. ExtremeRandom

    Earn 1000$ a month | Social Media Evaluator

    im not sure, im in US tho
  10. ExtremeRandom

    Earn 1000$ a month | Social Media Evaluator

    I got into the three projects leap force has available but I am still waiting on them to go over the tax w9 info I send over late last night. Ill answer your questions after I have worked for like a week
  11. ExtremeRandom

    Earn 1000$ a month | Social Media Evaluator

    I memorized the answers for the thames project leapforce 1. False 2. True 3. app updates: "most recent version" 4. Question about when to use other location: "A" Friends house 5. question about how often to update your location: "ideally all day" 6. time should be as accurate as possible...
  12. ExtremeRandom

    Earn 1000$ a month | Social Media Evaluator

    I applied to all three companies and was accepted but put on waitlist for appens social media, and got into leapforce a few hours after applying
  13. ExtremeRandom

    30% BHW Discount, - 300,000+ Residential Rotating Proxies for Scaling your Projects.

    Do you guys have a lower thread package ? I am interested in the service but a package with like 100 threads would be the best. Also 40% discount ? Also I saw you said on the higher tier packages you can choose your own custom time frame for the proxies to rotate, what exactly is the range of...
  14. ExtremeRandom

    monero: hold or let go?

    Id definitely hold on to XMR long term no real alternatives
  15. ExtremeRandom

    Looking for A coder / Programmer to do this...

    Look into automate the boring stuff -python, it will teach you how to do some of this
  16. ExtremeRandom

    How to make bots?

    Best bet is to practice with your given language and avoid those shortcut apps like ubot and such. I have used them all and they will end up limiting you more than they would help
  17. ExtremeRandom

    Offshore hosting & offshore domain

    maybe its because those domains are cheaper?
  18. ExtremeRandom

    How much Android Apps earn with Google Ads

    Def look into marketing it to higher tier countries