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  1. adventurouslover

    Best Backlink Service to Rank in 2020?

    Hi guys Can you please share what Backlink service from BHW has given you the best results in ranking your website? Thanks
  2. adventurouslover

    Tubebuddy or Vidiq?

    Hi guys I just started to use both tools to do my keyword research to create new videos on youtube and I noticed they contradict each other. For instance, Vidiq would recommend a keyword with a high score and the same keyword on Tubebuddy would suck And viceversa. So I don't know what to...
  3. adventurouslover

    Instagram Unfollow App

    Hi guys, Do you know of any free app to unfollow your Instagram unfollowers manually? I tried a couple, but they want to charge. I found a free one called Followers. It worked for two days and stopped working. I don't want to use any software as it is my main account. Thanks for your input
  4. adventurouslover

    Emails Going to Spam on Hotmail

    Guys I am trying to start an email sequence with Mailerlite but I am having a problem My email goes straight to the spam folder for Hotmail I am doing 100% white hat Emailing Only to subscribers Website and email address not blacklisted Aged domain DKIM and SPF records included Mail...
  5. adventurouslover

    My emails Ending on Hotmail Spam Folder

    Hi Guys, I want to consult the email marketing experts on the forum I am trying to send emails (white hat) to my subscribers but my emails are ending on the spam folder I tried to use Moosend and they went straight to spam on gmail Now I am trying to use Mailerlite and my emails go...
  6. adventurouslover

    Website URL banned on Pinterest

    Hi Guys My website url was banned on Pinterest I don’t spam just pin to my blog posts The message I am getting is that the community has reported my site as spam How do I fix it? Thanks
  7. adventurouslover

    Youtube Live Streaming (Viral)

    Hi guys I constantly see people posting these long live streaming pre-recorded videos on youtube getting millions of views How the hell do they do it? I have tried myself and I get 1 view and no rankings Any ideas?
  8. adventurouslover

    Getting banned on Pinterest

    Guys I keep on creating my own Pinterest accounts manually using private proxies I am placing them on Followliker and they are getting banned left and right. How are you warming up your new accounts? I start following 2 people a day and pint just once and I am getting banned, No porn , no...
  9. adventurouslover

    Instagram Mass Account Creator

    Hey guys: Do you know about an Instagram Mass Account Creator? I found one in the forum but the OP has not responded in almost a month. Not felling comfortable to buy something like that Can you recommend one that I can use with my own proxies? Thanks
  10. adventurouslover

    How do you overcome the follow ban/limit?

    Hi Guys I am glad that the verification loop seems to be over, but now I am facing some follow ban/limits with some accounts Have you found a way around? What is it? Thanks
  11. adventurouslover

    Pinterest banning me at first follow

    Hi Guys I am experiencing a situation I am using FL to manage Pinterest accounts. I create my own accounts, using private proxies. I let them age and after 2 months of publishing daily I start to follow. The problem is that my accounts get banned (deleted) at the first follow. This happens...
  12. adventurouslover

    What's the best Instagram Automation Software?

    Hi guys I have been using FL for a while, but I need to purchase another license for a different pc, but I wanted to explore what other options are available. What software in your opinion is the best to manage large numbers of IG accounts? Thanks
  13. adventurouslover

    Bluehost Throttling

    Hi Guys I don't really know much about hosting but this is the second time my site is down because I am getting too much traffic for a bluehost shared account. My bluehost account is Throttling They are charging me $13 a month to upgrade Any suggestions of what I should do? I don't want...
  14. adventurouslover

    How to get out of the challenge verification loop on Instagram?

    Hi Guys I noticed IG is now creating a challenge verification loop and I have not found a way out of it. For instance, while using Followliker the account is asked to get a 6 digit verification code at the moment of log in. In the past, I would just enter the code and the account was good to...
  15. adventurouslover

    Has your IG Follow Back rate gone down?

    Hi guys I wanted to know if this is happening to rest I noticed that across the board, the instagram follow back rate has dropped in my accounts since SEP 15. Even in my personal account, when I am following people I see I get less follow back. Is it just me? have you found a way around it?
  16. adventurouslover

    Not receiving emails from Twitter for Password reset

    Hi Guys Twitter has locked my account, is asking me for a password reset but I never receive the email to change the password and unlock It is happening with several accounts that are using the same domain (catchall email) Any way around this?
  17. adventurouslover

    Twitter blocking accounts with followliker

    hi guys I wanted to open this thread to brainstorm ideas about how to avoid getting our Twitter accounts blocked , getting SMS or email verification I have tried almost everything and I still get them blocked I noticed I can favorite as many tweets as I want and it is safe but that does not...
  18. adventurouslover

    Amazon kindle reviews needed

    hi guys I am going to need a few Amazon reviews for my new book in kindle Please let me know if you can help and how much you charge for them Transaction has to be according to the rules of this forum Thanks
  19. adventurouslover

    Need Phone Verification Service for Instagram

    Hey guys I need a good reliable phone verification service to create Instagram accounts This suckers are getting very strict. Please let me know
  20. adventurouslover

    Any Good Strategy For Pinterest + Followliker

    Hey guys I have been using Pinterest Followliker for a couple of months but so far it seems to be a ghost town for me , as I am not seen any traffic for pinterest. I have about 50 accounts, each with 200 followers in my niche. I am very conservative when I use a bot. I follow and unfollow...