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    BIG Drop in RPM on Youtube starting with 1st of July

    Has anyone else experienced a drop in RPM this month? Starting with rhe 1st of July my RPM dropped by 30% and is lower than in January .... which everyone knows that is the worst month of the year revenue wise.
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    Netflix account needed!!!

    I have seen that there are some generous BHW membes that are willing to give away a free Netflix accout. I'm currently stuck at home as my country is in lockdown due to this crazy virus and I would really need and hope that someone will provide me a Netflix account in order to pass this crisis...
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    Amazon Associates account TERMINATED!

    My Amazon affiliate account was closed for this reason: "You are automatically tagging customer sessions without the user clicking on a Special Link" I really don't understand what it means. I was using their links on my YouTube channel like many others. Is it possible to open another account...
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    COPPA rules already applied!!!!

    Hi everyone, I just realized that YouTube already put into effect COPPA rules and they are asking when you upload a video if the content is made for kids.
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    Payment threshold for Amazon Associates

    Hi everyone. It's possible to set up a payment threshold for my Amazon associates account? Because I don't earn too much I don't want to receive my money every month. I would like to set a payment threshold for let's say 1k$ even though it will take half a year to reach it.
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    Can't rank videos anymore! Help needed!

    Hi everyone! Does anyone else have the same issues when it comes to ranking videos lately. During the last two months I have difficulties in ranking my videos and I can't find a solution to my problem. I know that YouTube has rolled out some updates lately but I can't figure out a way to rank again.
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    YouTube's new terms of service as of 22nd Jan 2019

    It seems big changes are being made, I thought I would just relay the information here so that everyone can see it. (I also haven't seen anyone talk about this yet, so I thought i'd share this info). Terms of Service Community Guidelines This updated version of our Terms of Service takes...
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    How many YT channels can be linked to 1 Adsense account?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering how many YouTube channels can be linked to 1 Adsense account. It's possible to safely link 100 channels in order to apply for monetization? Are there any risks? Are there any limitations? Please don't answer only to increase your post count.... Thanks!
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    Uploading videos using VPN?

    Hi everyone! Does it make any difference if I will upload videos on YouTube using VPN? I am wondering if I will receive more targeted traffic to my videos. Any thoughts?
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    Someone copied my channel!

    Hi everyone. A scum duplicated my YouTube channel (channel name, videos, thumbnails). I sent copyright notices to YouTube 3 day's ago but I didn't recieved an answer yet. How long does it take for youtube to solve a copyright claim? What else can be done in order to ban his account?
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    Extremely disappointed with YouTube

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to say that I'm super disappointed with my YouTube journey. My views went from 50k / 48h to 30k and my revenue also diminished considerably. Can't understand it since I uploaded videos regularly. Anyone else experienced something like this?
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    Amazon Affiliate question....

    Hey everyone! I'm an Amazon Affiliate member and when I registered to their affiliate program I added my youtube channel. But now I have another channel that can bring me some sales and I don't know if it is absolutely necessary to add it to my affiliate account in order to get money from this...
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    Do not post affiliate links in comment section!

    I have a new channel with 5 videos that were getting about 10k views in 48h. Yesterday I posted some amazon links as a comment and pinned this comments. Exactly from that moment my views drop to about 50 views in 48h. WTF!
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    Hashtags on description?

    I was wandering if hashtags help a video to rank? I have seen that if you place hashtags in description they appear below video's title. Any thoughts?
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    Is Amazon cheating me?

    I am an Amazon affiliate partner and I have my doubts that I'm cheated by Amazon. Every month around 30 % from the ordered items are not shipped. IMHO this percentage is outrageous. What do you think?
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    Big drop in views!!!

    Hey everyone! Is there anybody else how is experiencing this. Since last week my views drooped at about half of what I used to get in 24h. Does anyone know what should be the problem. I don't use bought views. The only thing that I did is that I applied for youtube partner program. Any thoughts?
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    Buying views will diminish my chances to get approved for Adsense?

    Hello BHW. This is my first post and i hope that this question was never asked before: buying views will diminish my chances to get approved for Adsense? I couldn't find a good answer up until now so I hope that somebody will be able to help me. Another question is if my YouTube channel has...