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  1. Dinho80

    I Got Scammed

    BHW is a family, they are among the first website I visit after my morning prayers. But yesternight I lost some hard-earned funds to scammers. 85% of my savings gone just because I trusted someone. This all started with a post on FB by somebody I physically have high regards and trust, he was...
  2. Dinho80

    Parking Expired domain

    I noticed that you cannot use GoDaddy, name cheap and others like them to park successfully your expired domain especially when it's a one/two-word domain. They will register it and told you it's not available unless you want to buy it at a ridicule premium amount. Who has experienced this...
  3. Dinho80

    Great BHW MOD and Grear BHW Community

    BHW Is more of a family than a forum, most people are working voluntarily to make this family stands out among it's competitors. Really looking to get your feet wet in IM, BHW is your success directory. You will get free clean premium themes and plugins if you're on a tight budget, highly...
  4. Dinho80

    BHW Could Be Frustating

    Whenever I browse through a sales thread that I wish to buy but don't want to buy at that particular moment, I bookmark it in BHW. But to find those threads that i bookmarked on BHW is none existent. Who else is having the same issue or a pinpointed answer to where I can find those bookmarks.
  5. Dinho80

    How to recover your lost Bitcoin/Crypto currency

    I want to give back to this great community that has giving me so much in return. My profile indeed says newbie but I have been a member of this great forum for over five years, I actively read threads, journeys, questions, and leaks. Back to the sole purpose of this thread 'how to recover...
  6. Dinho80

    Instagress is down and gone

    This the message I get each time I visit the instagress webpage. Is it really gone and any alternative?
  7. Dinho80

    Computta smart miner scam or a ponzi scheme

    I came across this software Computta smart miner through a friend and he ask me to go for it that its free and worthwhile. After visiting their website I began to have second thought that this software is pure scam and or a ponzi scheme. What I discovered (1) There website look unprofessional...