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  1. Buzzika

    Would you be interested in a link exchange platform?

    I know direct link exchanges aren't ideal between two sites. But what if there was a website/platform that manually reviewed member websites/blogs and assigned them a value depending on the backlinks, DA, age and other metrics. Say for example, my DA 40 marketing niche blog was valued at $30...
  2. Buzzika

    Needed VA for SEO & Managing PBN

    You should: Be able to build citations Be able to work with wordpress Reliable I won't be asking you to write content, but you should be able to rewrite post titles at least if needed. Compensation is dependent on your skill set. How to apply: Drop me your email + skill set, tools you have...
  3. Buzzika

    Anybody use spinrewriter's wordpress plugin?

    So I just bought their plugin and found zero documentation around it on their website. Managed to install it and input the API key etc. I can see my websites, but when I click post, nothing happens. Am I missing something? Almost 24 hours since I emailed their support team haven't heard back...
  4. Buzzika

    Can you buy .NYC domain from outside New York City?

    Didn't know which section best suited this, so just posting in the lounge. Anyhow, .NYC domain registration talks about address validation, but does not talk about what it actually involves. anybody has any experience with registering NYC domains? How does the address validation thing work?
  5. Buzzika

    How I rank my sites (SEO - 2018)

    Okay, so I am trying to create a collection of videos that will show my exact method of ranking my (or my client's website). Instead of a bunch of text, I am going to actually document the process of ranking the sites. So this is an ongoing thread for that reason. I just recorded my first video...
  6. Buzzika

    Critique my local SEO business idea + some other questions

    I have been approaching a few businesses to offer SEO services and the conversion rates aren't great. I think one of the reasons is my geographical location (India, I am trying to get American small business owners). My Indian accent (although nowhere as strong as the stereotypical Indian...
  7. Buzzika

    Autoblog in 2017 with a twist. How to monetize?

    So I have content, enough to make a multi-niche massibe autoblog (1k+ words each post). The content is not indexed, but still pirated. I was thinking about adsense. But the original owner of the content might snitch to Google if the blog gets noticed by them. Posting the content can be...
  8. Buzzika

    Case Against Bitcoin

    Bitcoin will die or is dying... At some point, one of the altcoins will take center stage. When will this point come? IDK. I am not a smart guy, I don't understand everything under the sun. I am just a simple man who loves technology and all the great things that come with it. I also notice...
  9. Buzzika

    SunFrog, anyone worked with them?

    I saw a competitor in my niche using this print-on-demand tee site. Has anybody used them in the past, as seller or designer? Would love to hear your opinion on them
  10. Buzzika

    BHW Discord Server

    So I was just reading the thread about the now defunct IRC chat. Why not have an official BHW discord server? It will take minimal time to setup, an admin can have us up and running in a few minutes, and there isn't much that has to be managed (technically at least). Many subreddits/gamers use...
  11. Buzzika

    [WTH] Need To Bury RipOffReport

    the keyword is "Mod Edit: Removed @ OP's Request" feel free to check it out for yourself. I want someone to bury this deep in Google search. Should not appear in the top 100. Only PM me if you can guarantee to do this. I can pay via BTC/PP. Unrelated backstory to the ripoffreport: Looooong...
  12. Buzzika

    Which Payment Processor to Use For Dropship site?

    I didn't know where to post it, so posting in the lounge. PayPal is out of the question as am banned (i was selling heroin using paypal in the streets xD j/k) I read 2co might ban my ass midway if they think am dropshipping. i am not in USA so stripe is out of the equation too. Guys, what the...
  13. Buzzika

    Reddit Auto-Subscribe-Subreddit Bot

    So you have a bunch of reddit accounts that you want to subscribe to a subreddit? I couldn't find a tool that does this, so I coded one for myself. import time from selenium import webdriver driver = webdriver.Chrome('/usr/local/bin/chromedriver') from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import...
  14. Buzzika

    Roast Me

    so far a good part of my life I have been overly socially conscious, even online. I am the kinda guy who hasn't changed his social media profile picture in years lol But am slowly getting better at putting myself out there, because being an introvert and a marketer is not really the best...
  15. Buzzika

    My Creepy Childhood Story

    I was 3ish year old at that time, playing with twigs in the sand I have no recollection of this, but both my mum and dad were there... this is what they say happened. I was playing with twigs, imagining them to be planes and I said "two planes come from opposite and crash" and threw the twigs...
  16. Buzzika

    [JOURNEY] 127 Hours

    Yes, I took the title from a movie. The movie was about survival, our will to exist against all odds. This journey is also about survival. I will bare open all facts, even personal ones, in the hope that it would possibly inspire others to execute or at least learn from my mistakes. Who am I...
  17. Buzzika

    Reddit section under the social networking forum

    it could house posts both related to organic marketing and using the ad platform. what do yiu think?
  18. Buzzika

    Do yourself a favor, tell the truth.

    an average person lies often, sometimes just to please others, sometimes to avoid an uncomfortable situation. i have had my fair share of white lies. it has only slowed me down. Your life becomes a constant loop of pretending to be someone you're not. Pretending to conform to the idea of what...
  19. Buzzika

    What's the best way to stop giving a fuck?

    A lot of times people care too much for the inessential or the toxic things in their life. I know I sure did/do. But I have become better at not giving a fuck as I age. What's your secret to not giving a fuck?
  20. Buzzika Any Good?

    I have heard a few not so good stories about them, but some people on the internet vouch for them Is InstaBill a good payment processor for high risk sites? Is there anything better out there?