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  1. Paskrtild

    Anyone using the app FREELETICS?

    Hello, is anyone using the fitness app Freeletics? Feedbacks? Thanks!
  2. Paskrtild

    Is there an app like Captivate for Android?

    Hi, I was looking for an app like Captivate for Android, in order to follow/unfollow on Instagram. Any ideas? thanks!
  3. Paskrtild

    Where can one buy an Amazon gift card for ?

    Hello, I want to buy an Amazon gift card for the birthday of a friend of mine from Turkey. I logged in on but I wasn't able to buy any gift card. has been launched recently, so maybe it doesn't allow to buy gift cards? Is there any other e-commerce store...
  4. Paskrtild

    GMT2 - How to block people on IG using GMT2?

    hello, is there a way to BLOCK specific people on Instagram using GMT2? I don't mean to add them to the blacklist, I want to block them, so they will not be able to interact with my profiles. Some of the users I want to block are my followers, some others aren't. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!
  5. Paskrtild

    YAIJ: Yet Another Instagram Journey [Adult + IG]

    Hi there, ABOUT THE JOURNEY I have been reading on the forum for a while now, I've collected data and information and I decided to finally take action and start my own IG journey. I'm quite new to IG and I would call myself a newbie when it comes to grow IG accounts and make them profitable...
  6. Paskrtild

    How to check IG account age?

    Hi, I wonder if there is a tool, website etc that can check the age (i.e. creation date) of an Instagram account. I have been googling but those two or three websites are offline or unreachable. Any idea? Thank you
  7. Paskrtild

    How to search by "word in website field" on IG?

    Hello, Is there a way to search accounts on Instagram by a word on their website field? Let's suppose I need to find all the IG accounts that have a "" word in their website field. How would I do that? Any idea??
  8. Paskrtild

    Question about Follow/Unfollow on IG

    Hello, I have a question about the follow/unfollow strategy. Taken for granted that one stays way below the IG limits, is it better to follow and then unfollow on the same day, or to devote one entire day to the follow activity and another complete day to unfollow only? By "better", I mean the...
  9. Paskrtild

    'The Economist' premium account?

    Hello, Is there a way to read all the articles by The Economist? One can read only two articles per week for free. Any way to find/buy a cheap premium account with unlimited access to the articles?
  10. Paskrtild

    Why there are few Twitter journeys?

    Hello everyone, I have been doing a lot of reading in this section, there is so much value and so much to learn, thanks to everyone who is contributing. I hope to be able to give something back in few weeks, after some tests. However, I couldn't help but notice that there a lot of Instagram...
  11. Paskrtild

    Image's MD5 on Twitter: how important is it?

    Hello, I know that it is recommended to change the MD5 of the image when posting scraped content on Instagram, in order to make the image seem unique. Is it the same for Twitter? Should I change the MD5 of the images when posting on Twitter? Thanks!
  12. Paskrtild

    How to download the list of your blocked IG users ?

    Hello, is there a way to download the list of IG users you have blocked on Instagram and to import that list on a bot such as GMT2 or Jarvee? I used the "download your data" provided by IG app but the list of blocked users comes in a .json file and I don't know how to use it. A scraper that...
  13. Paskrtild

    How many IFTTT tweets per day max?

    Hello, I'm testing IFTTT on a white hat project of mine. The applet is this: if gmail has a specific subject, then tweet. The applet is triggered from a minimum of 1 to max 5 times per day, almost everyday. It posts the same tweet (same text and same link, no image). So far so good, but I...
  14. Paskrtild

    I just bought a .com domain for 0.88 $ on Namecheap with this code

    Hi there, I've just bought a .com domain on Namecheap for 0.88$ with the code COM88 You can enter the code just before the checkout. The final price went down from 9.56$ to 0.88$! It was a .com domain. I have no idea how long this code is going to last so I suggest to use it as soon as you can...
  15. Paskrtild

    How to sort Chaturbate chat rooms by date

    Hello everyone, For research purposes (I swear! LOL) I'd like to know if there is a way to: a) find out when a broadcaster joined CB b) sort the chat rooms by join date: from the newest broadcaster to the oldest. Any ideas?? Thank you!!
  16. Paskrtild

    How to find out when an affiliate whitelabel was created ?

    Hello everyone, is there a way to know when a whitelabel website was created? More specifically, I would like to know when a Chaturbate whitelabel was created. Let's suppose the whitelabel name is If I lookup on ICANN or WHOIS, the stats of the...