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  1. Aldebaran-t

    **The Original Sales Thread Designer - UK Based Graphic Designer - Logos, Banners, Websites, Print**

    Hi, Can you please send again. I dont seem to have received it. Thanks
  2. Aldebaran-t

    how to get free vba for withdraw?
  3. Aldebaran-t

    how to get free vba for withdraw?

    So how will you you withdraw if your paypal is limited? Thanks
  4. Aldebaran-t

    how to make a successful fund me campaign when I have not a rich friends ?

    Hi, Great subject line.I would say, Is the best bet you have. Thanks
  5. Aldebaran-t

    [Easy Trick] How to Scrape All Competitor URLs, Titles, Descriptions, and Meta KWs in 5 Minutes Max

    Hi Matthew, Tell you what Man.What a life saver you are. Keep bringing the great stuff. Thanks
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    VCC Online Advertising/Activating ahrefs/netflix/amazon prime,Activating Amazon SES + AWS

    Hi, I dont understand the fees Can you kindly explain why i have to pay the fees? Thanks
  7. Aldebaran-t

    how to get free vba for withdraw?

    Hi, Could you elaborate further what exactly are you looking for? Thanks
  8. Aldebaran-t

    MEGA GIVEAWAY E-mail Accounts

    Hi, Can i please have 2 i want to use 1 for business and 1 personal. If that is not too much to ask. Thanks
  9. Aldebaran-t

    ☆☆ Bing Ads Accounts ☆☆ ☆☆ Loaded with 100$ coupon ☆☆ Cheapest price ☆☆ Ready to GO

    Hi, The linked paypal account is it a new one or old so avoid any bann? Thanks
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    free themes thread

    Hi, Thats a huge collection to choose from. If you need anything specific i can have a look as i have some collection that i worked on before Thanks
  11. Aldebaran-t

    Namesilo or GoDaddy?

    Hi, Have you tried using different name and email address? That worked for me. Otherwise try lcn I have used them for years Quite good. Thanks
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    Premium Infographics Creation Service

    Hi, can i get review copy ? Can i pay using bitcoins? Thanks
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    Build UNLIMITED Unique videos - Bomb YouTube With in Just Few Clicks, Fast and Easy Software!

    Hi Shimi, can i get review copy ? Do you accept bitcoin? Thanks
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    ☆ Facebook Ad Accounts | Postpaid | EUR | Plug & Play ☆

    Hi, Are this accounts based on USA or UK? Does it matter where i am using them from ? Or do i have to use Different IP to use them? Thanks
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    Hi, Any sample works that you have done? I want to promote my website. Thanks
  16. Aldebaran-t

    ☆☆ GRAMMARLY PASSED ☆☆ £3 per 4-Pages Web 2.0 Site (Words: 800+ Home, 400 About & 400 x 2 Articles)

    That's something interesting. Please pm me some sample niche of tech you have done. If there are any discounts or review copies, do let me know. Good luck man!
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    That's something interesting. If there are any discounts or review copies, do let me know. Please also pm me some tech niche sample you have worked on Good luck man!
  18. Aldebaran-t

    Get an Amazon DA98 DO-FOLLOW Backlink - Manually Approved Within 14 Days!

    Hi, That's something interesting. It should be a great opportunity for Amazon affiliate niche sites to get a backlink from a DA 98 site. If there are any discounts or review copies, do let me know.I am looking to get the link for my woocommerce site Good luck man!
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    【Outreach Squad】⏩Real Audience Reached Out⏩Upto 20K SEMRush Traffic✅DA upto 70+⭐Classy Results⭐

    Hi, Do you provide SEO for Woocommerce site? If so have you got any sample work you have done? Please send me some links Thanks