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  1. kakbabu

    Suggest me a good headphone

    You can try Jabra Elite Series
  2. kakbabu

    Making a quiz site

    I am on the same boat. trying my hands on quiz website
  3. kakbabu

    →Cloud Accounts Sales ← Amazon AWS, Vultr, Google Cloud, Azure→Port 25 Enable Cloud Accounts←

    I've received my replacements and they are working fine
  4. kakbabu

    →Cloud Accounts Sales ← Amazon AWS, Vultr, Google Cloud, Azure→Port 25 Enable Cloud Accounts←

    I am waiting for my 5 aws accounts replacement. They were all suspended when delivered.
  5. kakbabu

    I Want To Be Admin To BHW

    You are definitely smoking some crazy stuff. :D
  6. kakbabu


    I want to profit Also, My Previous Maxbounty account was banned. Can you also help me get one?
  7. kakbabu

    How To Avoid Paypal Limitations For Dummies + What To Avoid When You've Been Banned Before | Paypal Bans Accounts Faster in 2021

    Nice Share! I've been through gaypal ban torture being a naive newbie in IM few years back.
  8. kakbabu

    What do you usually do on a friday night?

    Drink! Drink! Drink!
  9. kakbabu

    YouTube Re-Used Content Re-Application

    You can reupload and retry...But better option would be to create a new channel
  10. kakbabu

    Urgent Update Sell Bitcoin Now !!!

    I am already on the moon!
  11. kakbabu

    Methods that pay off quickly

    Try Ads Arbitrage
  12. kakbabu

    Speak English? Make $400/Hour for reading English

    Almost all book require American Accent. But definitely nice way to make some money
  13. kakbabu

    Do we still need tier 2 link building?

    Yes very much, it helps
  14. kakbabu

    What paid chrome extension are you using now

    VidIQ for youtube. But there is a crack to get paid version for free :D
  15. kakbabu

    Did Google penalize your website?

    It's all myth. Don't exploit one ranking factor, Exploit atleast 5-10 ranking factors at once and you will be fine.
  16. kakbabu

    fast WordPress Hosting

    Cloudways in my opinion
  17. kakbabu

    Congratulations To Our New Moderator: Heiko

    Congrats @Heiko Cheers!