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  1. Absan

    [Journey] Adwords + Google My Places & Hack

    Hi everybody! I'm BHW member since 2013 but now I dare to write my first Journey. I'm addicted to read the My Journey section in BHW and now I can be one of them! I discovered something interesting last week and want to make a test here and share it with all of you. I hope you to enjoy or...
  2. Absan

    How to Add Overlay Links on Twitter Videos?

    Hi, everybody! I've just seen this tweet on Fiverr official account: Take a look at clickable overlay link on the video... First time I see this. Obviously I was looking for "how to" but didn't found anything. Does anybody know?
  3. Absan

    Scammed by futurestunner

    @futurestunner scammed me $70 I added him on Skype a year ago but didn't buy until a few days ago. I trust him because of 100% rating score and hi was in BHW since 2009. His thread is this...
  4. Absan

    USA address for Adsense

    Do you know where to get any USA addresses to verify my Adsense account?
  5. Absan

    Get Certified with Google Partners the Smart way

    DISCOUNT CODE FOR THE COMPLETE PACK - 20% OFF- 5 FIRST USERS BHW2015 Why you should be a AdWords Certified Professional? Improved PPC account performance Learn about new features Clients and employers believe certification is important Better yourself by improving on your craft Get...