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  1. Queen Heidi

    Time to travel ......!!!

    What will you do ..if you have a time travel machine ? Where will you go ? Past or future ? And why ? Time to answer....:p:D -Queenheidi
  2. Queen Heidi

    BHW Awards 2020!!!

    Here is the weekend thread ... If BHW has an award function ...whom will you give that award and what will be the name of that? Woohoo! Start tagging them and make them special... My award goes to @Mr Positive for "Most Review Taker in BHW" - Queen Heidi with a smile
  3. Queen Heidi

    yes ! I'm back with my new ONE !!

    Hooray! after a long time in the lounge section, due to my laptop faulty I couldn't active for more than a couple of weeks here... I really missed the BHW :( especially lounge section :p I'm the type of person who views happiness in small, small things around me which changes my mind even more...
  4. Queen Heidi

    What's your favorite brand in accessories ?

    Title .
  5. Queen Heidi

    What is the biggest lie you said to your love ??

    What is the biggest lie you said to your love and how it ended ? Did telling a lie to make a person happy is good or bad ?
  6. Queen Heidi

    Selfie day !!

    The selfie has been given a tremendous change in the photographic world... And now we are celebrating national selfie day (21/06/2020)... I personally to take selfies which I will smile without any reason...:p Photos are the only thing which will remain the same... those group...
  7. Queen Heidi

    Weekend thread is ready !!! :)

    When is your birthday and what will you do on your special there any memorable moment? Time To Share ....:p -Queenheidi;)
  8. Queen Heidi

    Pink or blue ????

    If I'm having 97 bucks in my hand... which side you prefer, either pink or blue?
  9. Queen Heidi

    Let's fight with BGM ..

    You Are About To Get Into A Fight, What Song Comes On Your Mind to Pump you As Real Hero.. -- Heroine, Queen Heidi ;)
  10. Queen Heidi

    Thought Of The Day ...!!!

    Hello Emperors, I hope that every one of you guys will support me in this new initiative. The matter is; just share a thought which you have in every day on this thread! Once a time Mother Teresa said.. peace begins with a smile.. Smile is a wonderful way to share a little happiness.. A smile...
  11. Queen Heidi

    Which is your favorite section in BHW and WHY!???

    My favorite section in BHW is "The Lounge" :p Yes, I'm learning a lot from other sections like BH SEO, WH SEO, and Blogging, also can monetize with "Making Money" section.. but "The Lounge" is something different which none of the other forums can provide, that I see here only ;) Actually, I...
  12. Queen Heidi

    What is your biggest achievement ???

    Hello emperors ...hope you all doing good . Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today. I'm here to ask about your achievements you did in your life .. how the impact was ? And what you sacrificed for the same ? Also those who are working towards your dream like me ;):p? what is...
  13. Queen Heidi

    The crazy thing you LOVE

    Everybody has about crazy things in their life which makes you fun, love, or addiction to it! :mad: That's a ballooooooooon in my life! :p:p:p I love balloons, I addicted to it... It makes me crazy when it surrounded by me :D:D:D What's yours? let's share the craziest thing you love...
  14. Queen Heidi

    I Apologize!

    My apologies to all guys whom I told happy new year 2020, I am truly sorry :( But the memes are good... Corona lockdown gave a good autumn vacation, good for Earth ;) Still, damn you Corona (angryface) -- Queen heidi
  15. Queen Heidi

    Good Friday reminds us to be compassionate and giving!

    May the Darkest Nights end and the Sun rises & shines much more brighter. It’s also the day that tells us something so important: no matter what we are going through, God is with us. Have a positive hope on this Good Friday! -- Queen Heidi
  16. Queen Heidi

    Who is your favorite in BHW and Why?

    I hope you're all doing well ;) Let's share something from your heart on this 3rd week of quarantine! Just name one BHW member here and mention why he/she is your favorite. It may be some kind of experience or impressed! Get ready Emperors! It's time to show what in your heart and impress...
  17. Queen Heidi

    Over ! Over !! Over.....

  18. Queen Heidi

    OMG....! I got it finally

    Advance april fool ...:anyway::anyway::p:p Smile smile :suspicious:;) - Queen heidi :p
  19. Queen Heidi

    Like! Like!! Like!!!

    Hello Emperors : Let's begin this 2nd week of quarantine with some new discussion about likes! First of all, what are things that suddenly seduce you to give likes for a post or thread? ;) Secondly, Is the ratio or number of received likes will give any value to the particular profile...
  20. Queen Heidi

    Tiered Link-building Strategy

    Hello Emperors, I hope you're all staying safe with your family! ;) I'm going to spend my lock-down with doing some back-links for my 1 year old parenting niche website. Here I've enclosed my link-building strategy for different kinds of competitive keywords. For Low Competitive Keywords For...