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    Instant Social Media Panel - YouTube Views, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Soundcloud | API |

    I received a free 1000 likes and it was done amazingly well, the likes just started dropping, I had a new page with no more than 10 likes and now it has 1100 so I got more than the requested free 1000 likes. Many thanks, will work with you again for sure <3
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    YouTube killing small channels

    I've had my channel for years, have some 300+ videos on gaming, some tutorials and such... this is purely for the joy of it, not for money making but still kinda sucks getting my partner revoked because of these guidelines, also the adpocalypse hit very hard on all videos, most of my videos are...
  3. TheErminK

    YouTube killing small channels

    So I got this in my gmail this morning {MY CHANNEL} is no longer eligible for monetization because it doesn’t meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. As a result, your channel will lose access to all monetization tools and features...
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    post your dreamcar

    Volvo XC90 Awesome beast but also a family car :D
  5. TheErminK

    Stages of financial bubble

    Interesting but nobody can really predict, if we could, we would have all been millionaires by now :D
  6. TheErminK

    Making website for earning money.

    Start with reading the guides they have on here, this forum is a gold mine if you see it and use it as such, members are giving all the time but nobody is ever going to spoon feed you and that is what you are looking for here judging by the newbie post you have written, this is a friendly but...
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    Write For Us And Take Home 70% Of The Revenue You Generate

    I added you man, looking forward to working together.
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    Free 150 Facebook Post / Status / Video Likes
  9. TheErminK

    [Journey] A simple blog/web journey

    Guys thank you very much for all of your suggestions, been a bit busy at work, will post updates tomorrow and hopefully it will get going :D
  10. TheErminK

    [Journey] A simple blog/web journey

    I decided that I am going to start a fully legit hard keyword blog for which I do not intend to earn money. Will write the articles by myself, I have no problem writing articles and they are pretty darn good if I can say so myself. Already bought hosting and domain set up a basic WP instance...
  11. TheErminK

    Zero to $1500 a Month in One Year with Passive Income

    We have all been there, try and fail, every time you fail you gain a lot of knowledge, still better than those sitting around and just imagining success and how they will spend money and not doing anything to make them, you should be proud you have taken steps towards your goal and one day you...
  12. TheErminK

    Best hosting for 100k pageviews per day

    I've used Digital Ocean for couple of months now 48$/mo with backups which are the 8$ from 48$. But I have around 200k monthly visits. Also their support is not really helpful.
  13. TheErminK

    Extract all Blog post posted in a particular year

    Well do you need them in a text format ? Or just to upload them on another blog ? If you need them in word or PDF just use Aspose Importer / Exporter Plugin
  14. TheErminK

    Earn Money With Fiverr Without Doing Anything :D

    Only one that profits from this method nowadays is Fiverr. Too much work for nothing and getting the gigs is hard enough with legit work.
  15. TheErminK

    Will it hurt my website rankings ?

    I also would not recommend posting different content on an already ranking niche, it will hurt you just open a new blog remember not to link them and you will be safe.
  16. TheErminK

    Bought views for a Youtube video and all hell broke loose!

    hahaha omg, so funny :D Sorry OP but it's just too good. Use it to your advantage mate. Use it to make money when it blows over just delete it, repost and target your target country. Cheers!
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    Interested, USA Emails pls. Thanks
  18. TheErminK

    does anyone have methods or tips to grow a personal account?

    I agree with everyone saying to find a group and support each other, other than that, I use some follow/unfollow bot but I target the pool that I collect from my country and it workds fine, up 3k since I started.