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  1. Ggirl06

    Promoting video on Amazon- what to expect?

    I'm looking for benchmarks for what to expect promoting a video on amazon. I was thinking free for prime members and a few bucks for non prime members. Any idea what sort of results I can expect with a $100 budget?
  2. Ggirl06

    Need Upwork Review

    Looking for one upwork review. Preferably US based. $5 plus cost of gig.
  3. Ggirl06

    Anyone run into issues running a giveaway on Facebook?

    Never before have I had an issue. Now it seems we can't get approved. Do the tools still work? Should I set up rafflecopter or something? Or do I just skip a paid push on social all together? I started with a promoted post to our landing page and then I reworded the ads, but it seems the issue...
  4. Ggirl06

    Need G2 and Trustpilot reviews

    Leave an honest review on both platforms of my company after signing up on the platform (free) and seeing how the features work. Send me a screenshot of your review and the email that you signed up with Receive a $10 Amazon gift card by email. Open to anyone in the world.
  5. Ggirl06

    Need guest post on high PR education site

    I have the blog post, just need it posted on a high PR site with actual traffic. Blog should feature edtech, higher education or similar. PM me price, site and TAT.
  6. Ggirl06

    Seeking 20 people to sign up on a platform

    Sign up as a student on my platform with your LinkedIn email address and earn $5. Message me with the email address and your name and once I confirm, I'll send you the money. That's it. PM me if interested and I'll send you the URL.
  7. Ggirl06

    Affiliate commission real world examples

    Hey, So we're going to launch an affiliate program for our product but I need to come up with what the payout will be. Does anyone have example contracts to share? Ideally any e-learning platforms.
  8. Ggirl06

    Need FB review for Business Page - US accounts only

    Hi, I need 1-3 people who can write a review. Preferably someone who is into e-commerce or drop shipping. PM me your requested price for this. Real personal accounts only.
  9. Ggirl06

    Need someone to build a list of names of followers - today

    I have a spreadsheet of 47 companies. I need a list of people who follow these companies on social media that have the titles of CEO, Founder, or President. Budget for this is €25 It should be a quick task for anyone that has a program that can scrape social media profiles. I would prefer to...
  10. Ggirl06

    Is Press Wire a Fraud?

    A client of mine submitted a press release with Press Wire a couple of weeks ago. According to them, "I can confirm it was successfully sent directly to 14,907 Computer Management, Computer Software, European Business, Financial Computing, Information Management, Information Processing, Office...
  11. Ggirl06

    Need Reviews

    I'm looking for someone with an established account on pph to leave me a review. PM me if you're interested.
  12. Ggirl06

    Screaming Frog says the url has no meta description but other tools do

    I'm auditing a site and ran it through Screaming Frog. It's coming back to me saying that there are a number of pages that are missing meta descriptions. Ok great. Except it's clearly wrong about the home page at least. What gives?
  13. Ggirl06

    Is it possible to find google keyword position rank for a specific specific url?

    I have a specific url and need to find out what it ranks for a specific keyword. Is this even possible?
  14. Ggirl06

    Facebook Help - Targeting Middle East

    Hi everyone, So my new client needs to target the middle east. When I ran lead generation ads recently, Facebook just didn't serve them to that section at all. I had automatic bidding, language set to Arabic as well as English. What gives? Is there some trick that I don't know about? This is a...
  15. Ggirl06

    Facebook Ad Targeting - Quick Question

    I'm trying to target "car owners" in a specific region on Facebook. From what I can Google there is supposed to be an automotive section under Behaviours but that is not showing up for me. Am I missing something? Hoping someone can help.
  16. Ggirl06

    Let me Introduce Myself. Hello, Everyone!

    Just wanted to say a quick hello. I've been running my personal blog for a couple of years and just recently started an affiliate marketing website hoping to make some passive income from that. I'm hoping to learn a bit of everything to get better at digital marketing in general. Doing all of...