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  1. MarkWilson

    How Google detects automation at signin

    Hey there I made some research regarding this topic as recently I get sign-in blocked by google even with my strongest bot config (browser may not be secure error). After some hours I encountered this super interesting issue: basically if you are automating chrome, firefox or whatever your are...
  2. MarkWilson

    Creating a spam network

    Hey there, as I need to extensively test my bot setup, I will start a long and tedious journey: the goal is to create and manage accounts on the following platforms: - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Google - YouTube - Spotify - TripAdvisor - TrustPilot - Twitch My plan is not to create...
  3. MarkWilson

    I can bot anything - how to rank fast?

    Hey guys assuming you can automate any task on any web page with genuine profiles (clean IPs, etc) in large quantities, what do you think is the fastest way to provide authority to a new website?
  4. MarkWilson

    Mass actions management - advice needed

    Hey there right now I am able to create and manage accounts safely. what is in your opinion the action which currently could be abused the most? mass comments under newly posted photos? mass poller? mass DM? let me know if you have other killer strategies, my goal is to reach hundred thousand...
  5. MarkWilson

    Spoofing canvas and webgl

    Hi it seems it's almost impossible to spoof canvas and webgl correctly - without getting detected as fingerprint resistance. I tried all the available chrome extensions (canvas blocker and so on), they correctly change hash but on it is detected as spoofed. I heard there is some...
  6. MarkWilson

    Looking for mass Instagram mail verification

    Hey there, I need some super cheap mails to verify accounts (bad quality, use and burn). I tried catch all on domain but Instagram seems checking that and I'm getting error, I also tried some free tempmails but without success. mails could be an option (around 6-7$ per k mails) but still...
  7. MarkWilson

    Follow/like this or...

    Hello community I see more and more people nowaday using this strategy (it works mostly with children): a very strong image (for example a spider in the ear or something like that) with written "do this if you don't want to have this in you ear". I know people doing some good numbers with it and...
  8. MarkWilson

    Finally testing mass story views

    Quick conclusion: doesn't work for growing a single profile with this method. 150k story viewed --> 1 follow, 1 like and 1 comment or something And no, don't tell me you can safely view 5M per day cause many people are saying they are getting their account banned in 2-3 weeks if they continue...
  9. MarkWilson

    Mother/child needs a twist

    Hey there It's a good time to start experimenting new tactics, the demand is very high on Instagram and a lot of services got hit heavily by the new update Now, I am planning to experiment mother/child method again. I tried it in the past, got decent results. Now I have the technical knowledge...
  10. MarkWilson

    Looking for android pop DIRECT supplier

    Hello Anyone selling daily volumes of android pop traffic? Don't post if you're reselling other network's traffic, I just need very quality and bot/proxy free traffic. Best thing would be direct publishers. More details in private.
  11. MarkWilson

    Question about spotify plays bot

    Hello all, we coded a full bot for Spotify that creates accounts and delivers unique plays. We are using our own 4g Italian proxies. Everything is working very smooth, there is only a problem: monthly listeners increase but single cities listeners are not increasing. We are using Spotify web, I...
  12. MarkWilson

    Testing child method and account creation

    Hello dudes I recently interrupted my follow/unfollow service which was a pretty big part of my monthly income. This because I'm struggling too with the new instagram updates and the accounts don't grow enough these days. So I want to test this "child method" everyone is talking about, to see if...
  13. MarkWilson

    Any bot for mass account automation?

    Hi, I am looking for a reliable software that makes simple tasks (don't need any targeting or else, actually I am only interested in the like feature), but is made to manage 1000 or more accounts efficiently and with API. Anyone knows such bot? I already tried GMT2, followliker and jarvee but...
  14. MarkWilson

    Bot experts needed

    Hello guys I need to develop my own bot for managing Instagram accounts. But I don't know how to simulate perfectly the mobile emobile environment. Is the user agent enough? Thanks in advance for the help, it will be much appreciated
  15. MarkWilson

    How do I like a specific photo with GMT2?

    Hello guys I can't seem to find such option, please help me
  16. MarkWilson

    Where to buy cheapest raspberry?

    Hello currently buying raspberry 3 with sd for 50$ and would like to know if there is any provider selling for less. Looking to scale up my projects for lowest cost. Thanks on advance if anyone knows it will help a lot
  17. MarkWilson

    About stats apps and fake IG login

    So I recently read an article that said 99% of the apps that show specific stats of profiles (for example how many followers unfollowed, how many ghost followers an account has) are not approved by Instagram. That means they are not authorized to use official Instagram API. So basically these...
  18. MarkWilson

    [METHOD] Avoid FB pic verification process

    I experimented some time with FB account creation. I tried with all types of proxies, 4g mobile proxies are the best and most secure with FB for sure. 1 IP = 1 ACC I use my phone as proxy so I just have to switch on and off the internet connection to get a new IP. I create non PVA accounts (with...
  19. MarkWilson

    Best popunder traffic supplier?

    Hello I am looking for someone (or some network) that is able to provide clean popunder traffic for less than 0.1 CPM If anyone can help let me know
  20. MarkWilson

    Question about Instagram apps

    Hello I was wondering: why there isn't any app that works with tokens and does follow/unfollow? In order to be able to use tokens an authorized app is needed, is this the problem? Or is there any other issue? Please answer only if you know this topic