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  1. winofficially

    The World is F*cked

    I can't trust anyone and I can't share with anyone how I feel when I'm down, when I need advice or when I just want t to talk to someone because: Everyone expects me to be strong and they expect that I should be helping them and they think that I have it all figured it out. So when I try to...
  2. winofficially

    Easy Way to HACK Facebook Accounts

    YOU can modify it, GET CREATIVE - I'm only giving you an idea of what you can do 1. Find a way to get their phone number Once you know their number - that number is probably the phone number associated with their Facebook account(rarely people use 2 sim cards) 2. Invite them to a coffee...
  3. winofficially

    Can I use Instagram Automation for THIS❓

    I want to use Instagram automation to run a check for around 50 accounts if they have published a new post the bot would like the new post. What I'm worried about is if I'm gonna get banned for this.(I've never used Instagram automation) I think of using this tool: Any...
  4. winofficially

    60 Ways to Make Money Online

    Just set down and wrote this list of ways to make money online: Do affiliate marketing. Work as a freelance on Fiver or Upwork Become a Youtuber Sell e-books on Amazon Kindle Sell Audiobooks on Audible Start your own e-commerce website Start a dropshipping store Start a Print on demand site...
  5. winofficially

    It doesn't pay off to be GOOD, so be SELFISH

    Your time is the most valuable resource you have. Use it wisely. You can use it to make a TON of money and live an AMAZING life. Helping others is a WASTE of time - Time you could've dedicated to improving yourself and your life or your family. Instead, do a STRATEGIC GIVING. You want to be...
  6. winofficially

    Method that makes 5k in 2 Months

    Do you know a method that can make 5k in around 2 months, please share it? I need to make 5k ASAP. I already have a regular job but I need the money in 2 months. I don't know SEO but I can get paid traffic. Any suggestions are welcome.
  7. winofficially

    Sales... How to practise

    I really suck at sales. How do I practice online? What's the best place to start selling to people online - I mean by messaging or taking them
  8. winofficially

    How to Make Money with Audiobooks?

    I can get and convert to mp3 any audiobook from for free. How can I use it to make money? I mean where I can sell the audiobooks? (Don't say eBay because they blocked all of my accounts and I can't get my money from paypal)
  9. winofficially

    How to Become an Influencer?

    How one can start gaining a following and become an Influencer? Any good tutorials you recommend or tips you have?
  10. winofficially

    How to Get Shit Done and Make Better Decisions❓

    I have noticed when I'm ill(have a cold) or when something unpleasant has happened or when I'm just tired - at those moments I tend to be: - more realistic(think more like a realist) - make better decisions - get shit done - get better results At my normal state, I fell like I'm too hyped and...
  11. winofficially

    [WHAT?] Best Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners

    I want to get started into affiliate marketing but I don't know to start from. What's some good course for beginners I can buy?
  12. winofficially

    Can't Create FB Accounts

    Every time I try to create facebook account - facebook blocks me immediately. I tried using VPN but I still get blocked. I even tried using AWS VPS server but I can't create account even from there. I need FB accounts to do FB ads and sell stuff to make money. Any advice how to bypass facebook...
  13. winofficially

    What's an Easy Way to Make $5 a Day

    Hi, I'm looking for a BEGINNER-FRIENDLY way to make around $5 a day ONLINE. ANY Ideas???
  14. winofficially

    My Girlfriend dumped me for Him

    My girlfriend dumped me for him, WTF, what's wrong with me??? Me: 180cm TALL & CUTE Him: 156cm SHORT & UGLY ME Again :D Him again :eek::
  15. winofficially

    No Energy During the Day❓ - Boost Of Energy in the Afternoon

    I want to ask what's the reason that I don't have energy during the day I can't get done anything productive during the day. BUT in the afternoon around 5 PM - 6 PM I get a boost of energy and can work up 2 AM. I want to be able to do my work during the day. I don't know why I have no energy...
  16. winofficially

    How to Start into SMM?

    Hi everyone I have been wondering how can I get started into Social Media Marketing? I don't know where to start. Anyone with an experience that can give me any advice? In programming, you start by watching a few courses than doing a few sample projects and finally when you are able to code by...
  17. winofficially

    How to Find Friends

    Hello I recently relocated to bigger city to get a job as a developer. I don't know anyone there. I'm 21 years old, my co-wrokersare are 30 and above. I want to find people 19-30 years old people with wich I can hang out with because I'm getting crazy alone! Any cool ideas?
  18. winofficially

    Project Manager VS Developer

    Hey guys, I work currently as a developer and I need to get Bachelor's-level diploma(the company I work for requires it). I have to choose between a Developer and Project Manager bachelor's-level diploma. I don't know which one is the better option. I prefer not to write code all day and work...
  19. winofficially

    I have Birthday today

    Hey guys I have birthday today :) What's the best digital gift you can give?
  20. winofficially

    [BEST] Adult Products Payment Processor

    What payment processor allow the selling of adult products? I'm selling poppers but I can't find payment processor for my website which would allow this kind of products. What would you recommend me?