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  1. PLennart

    I REALLY NEED HELP!!! Somebody bought a domain with my business name (I have a patent on the name)

    Hello there, So basically I have a patent on my business name (approved) and somebody just recently bought a domain right with that name. Can I somehow claim this domain? I know that person and he only bought it to get as much money from me as possible or even not sell it at all. Would love to...
  2. PLennart

    How to get a premium font for free?

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to ask, if it is somehow possible to download and use premium fonts without purchasing them. What exactly would be the legal consequences if for example used on a public website? I was for example looking at fonts and saw this one: Helvetica Now Font Now I am...
  3. PLennart

    Woocommerce + Divi

    Hey, So I've been trying to design a great store with woocommerce and divi and went all well until I reached the checkout and cart page. I just can't get to design it or do anything so that it actually looks good. Does anybody have this plugin...
  4. PLennart

    Which Real Estate Wordpress Plugin should I choose?

    Hey everyone, I got a quick question. So I need to build a website with dive (Wordpress) for a real estate agency and they have a bunch of projects they want to list on that website. Now my problem is, there are a ton of RE Plugins, but it seems they are all really outdated. I would like to...
  5. PLennart

    Free Guest Post - Finance Blog

    Article length: 1000-1500 words DM me if you're interested.
  6. PLennart

    [HIRE] Customer Support and Customer Acquisition Support

    Hello everybody! We are looking for a VA doing the customer support for our Social Media Management Agency. Also, we would like you to answer any new questions and messages on Instagram and to close new clients for us. (You will get paid by client too). We are thinking about paying one fixed...