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  1. iMorning

    Damn Stressed

    Been wanted to have an Amazon aff site (all journeys here really impressed me) Kw research really stressed me out. Spend hours and hours, research one by one, day by day, using all the techniques that has been shared here. Every time I saw bunch of high authority/e-commerce site in top 10...
  2. iMorning

    Q - Making Software

    After 7-8 years in bhw, i just knew that we had this section lol :eek: Back to my question I want making a simple software/program for laptop/pc windows, what language is needed for me to learn? maybe anyone can suggest a site which i can start learning making software from scratch Now im...
  3. iMorning

    Q - Amzn Site and Domain Pick

    Hmm hi again, sorry for keep asking some noob question but I still need some answer to this. Again, im in process of promoting amzn affiliate products and still doing the kw research at this moment. Already in mind which company for buying domain and hosting (from bhwers suggestion also -...
  4. iMorning

    Q - Choosing Web Hosting

    Hello, i have little, just a little exp with hosting around 1 or 2 exp with hosting on hostgator about 7-8 years ago and that's just it. Now, when searching about hosting i saw many type of hosting like shared etc. So, if i want to build an amzn aff website, which type of hosting should i go...
  5. iMorning

    Q - Domain Age

    Hello there, I'm thinking on buying age domain for my amzn aff site. I'm just focus only on ABY metric with 0 backlinks. Do you have an experience buying age domain name? Does the age (ABY - as ExpiredDomains shown) have some value in SEO for ranking / indexing factor (better than fresh/new...
  6. iMorning

    Q - Selling Website Creation Service

    Hi BHWers, I want to try offering website creation services for local business person, and I have some questions related to it and maybe i can get some answers here from you that have exp with website creation services. My questions: 1. How do you deal with domain name choosing with client...
  7. iMorning

    How good this backlink technique?

    Hello There, Need expert to give me some advice here regarding to this link building for Local ranking.. Mostly i read that people suggest to make "context backlink / backlink from relevant content", so this I wanna do : As example : Create 1 new Blogspot-com Create 300-500 words article (make...
  8. iMorning

    Help : Keyword Research + Money?

    Hi there all super BHW members, I just finished doing some keyword research and it takes me 4 hours (so far) for finding keywords that are easy to rank for newbie like me. After hours spending on that task, I found plenty of keywords that easy/mid easy to rank for (as stated from other members...
  9. iMorning

    Safe IG daily follow unfollow

    i want to use IG as my marketing platform. I want to avoid any further problem from IG and Im targeting local business. What amount of follow and un-follow should i do to stay safe from ban?
  10. iMorning

    What is your earning with these ads network?

    Hi, well im new here... when im searching around the G, visited on certain website, i found some ads network like mgid, spoutable, revcontent and etc... I have game website with some good traffic, but i dont find a way how to monetize that site. Tested with adsense and some CB products but...
  11. iMorning

    Q - Build own backlinks

    Hi there, im new in this area and i want to make my own backlinks for my website since i dont have money to purchase good SEO services on BHW marketplace. So here my newbie questions: 1. I want to make my own web20 backlinks, do i need to use different proxies for each of my web20 login...