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  1. kakbabu

    Scammed $300 by @accountsdeal - aws

    The seller has a BST selling aws accounts: I ordered 30 accs on March 17 (Wednesday), and it's been almost 10 days now and he is not replying to my messages and didn't deliver...
  2. kakbabu

    WTH - Email Verifier Script in Python

    Hi, I need python script for email verification that should work with the yahoo, hotmail, custom domains, gmail & others.. willing to pay $100-$200 for this.
  3. kakbabu

    Looking for flippa bids - $10 to be paid per bid

    I am looking for flippa users with some buying history. $10 per bid will be paid. You will be bidding below reserve so you do not have to buy the listing.
  4. kakbabu

    Not getting sufficient bid for new amazon niche website.

    I have seen on flippa that website making $10-20 per month fetch good money than to sell a new website. How long do you expert think that a new well researched Amazon niche website with premium design and content will take to make $10-$20 per month?
  5. kakbabu

    Buying Fiverr gig reviews.

    Hi, I am looking for several reviewers who have a legit Fiverr account (at least two month old) and preferably purchased some gigs already. I will pay you $10 ($6 purchase cost + $4 your profit) for purchasing the gig & a 5-star review. You need to act like a real customer (Fill out the...
  6. kakbabu

    Can anyone compile this project on my system (guardianproject/storymaker - android app)

    I am looking for someone who can successfully set up the development environment on my Eclipse and compile this project.Connect with me on skype: kumarmanaswi if you can do this.
  7. kakbabu

    Android App Developer with experience in Animation Required

    I want to design an android application which allows user to make video from the given images with some animation effects applied on them. I searched on internet that there are some classes available in animation package of android but they are not working. Can anyone here provide me a...
  8. kakbabu

    Looking for ebay resellers in India.

    I have huge stock of MI4, MI3, REDMI, IPHONE 6.Anyone interested in dropshipping ?
  9. kakbabu

    Looking for database for London and Dubai

    I am looking for database for London and Dubai .: Sectors: FMCG, Consumer durables, IT, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Business Schools, Charities, Government organisations, Pharmaceuticals, ICT, BFSI Titles: C-level, Managing Director, Directors, Marketing Heads, Sales Head, HR...
  10. kakbabu

    I got my adsense account approved yesterday.Can i use it for multiple websites?

    I got my adsense account approved yesterday.I got it approved for one of my website but can i use it for my other websites too? Also how much can i make with adsense if i have daily traffic of 1000 users ?