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  1. KM1

    Yes! It appears that is currently blocked in Russia.

    Hi guys, I have a couple of sites that has been blocked by the Russian government. I haven't been able to figure out why my sites are getting blocked. It looks like the Federal Tax Service is blocking the sites. Has anyone experienced something like this before? Topic of the sites is...
  2. KM1

    Issue with RankCracker

    Hi guys, I hajve an issue with RankCracker and to guy who made it, is harder to find than the holy grail. Or he is not hard to find, but hard to can an answer from. Tried FB, Twitter, contact form on website and direct mail. No answer. Maybe you guys can help - I can get to choose which...
  3. KM1

    Restore expired domain

    I would like to have a site restored, but the site is not in any webarchive online. Is there anything to do or do anybody knows how to restore it anyways?
  4. KM1

    Expired Web 2.0s - Where to go?

    I need expired web 2.0s in the gambling niche, with high TF/ DA metrics. WHo can help?
  5. KM1

    PBN WP Plugins

    Hi all, Do you guys have any recommendations of wordpress plugins that would be nice-to-have or need-to-have that you would like to share? Im looking to take my PBNs to the next level! Could be stuff like good Related post plugins or internal link setup or something. Shoot and I will look...
  6. KM1

    Block majestic, ahrefs, moz, etc

    Anybody has a robots.txt file to block out these crawlers? Majestic Moz Ahrefs Other major crawlers.. I can make one, but it takes time. If anyone has one already, it will be much appreciated. Thanks! /K
  7. KM1

    Find user data based on FB URL

    Hi guys, Does anybody has a method to find out user data, especially city on a facebook user based on the users profile URL. I wont have to do it one by one, since I have 1200 user profile URL's in my sheet. I am not admin at the group, I have just copied their URL's from the members list...
  8. KM1

    Nice to e-meet you guys

    Hi all, Been browsing for some time now and decided to join to participate more! Nice too meet you and hope to engage with a lot of you guys!