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  1. blackdeviil

    How to get Facebook ads coupon?

    Hello everyone! I have a Facebook e-commerce page where I got a Facebook ads coupon for creating the page. But unfortunately, I didn't use the coupons for a month because of developing a site for my business. After a month the coupon got expired. Is there any method to get Facebook ads coupons...
  2. blackdeviil

    How to sell Instagram accounts?

    I have a girl's Instagram account since 2019. There are 1,255 followers and 50 Posts, and the Niche is Travel. I'm just trying to sell that profile somewhere. But I don't know where and How to sell it. So I need some advice from you guys Thank you
  3. blackdeviil

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm glad to join this BHW forum. I'm a Graphic designer and I'm working for a Digital Marketing Company. I hope I can gain more knowledge in IM here. Thank you ;)