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  1. erivesang

    Found an ID

    Went to a club a few months ago and I just realized I had someone's ID, should I be kind and take it to post office Or stay home and sleep. Lol
  2. erivesang


    Just finished up my site on shoplift and set up a Facebook collections page and now all I have left is create traffic but I'm broke ✌. Wish me luck lol
  3. erivesang


    Anyone heard or use indahash app?
  4. erivesang

    Mayday 911 lol

    Alright so I'm in a pretty tight spot guys I need to make money quick and alot, So if you guys could help me out with some methods and share some wisdom , if any one could bless your soul.
  5. erivesang

    Shnewbie (intended)

    looking to learn anyone got pointer for me ? Please PM me -broke gal
  6. erivesang

    Young beautiful and broke

    As I'm assuming all of you are as well. .... No? Just me .. lol New and learning - angie