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  1. ristoriel

    PayPal in Ukraine

    Is it possible to use PayPal in Ukraine or not? Thanks
  2. ristoriel

    Could anyone help me with my Twitter suspension?

    Hello, Last september I got permanently suspended on Twitter because I automated DMs and 2 accounts crossed tweets (not a lot, though, and just a few times). I also did massive following though the Google Chrome extension. I wrote to them on october and they said they couldn't get my account...
  3. ristoriel

    Buying instagram saves/dms

    Is it possible to buy dms to up the dm count on post insights?
  4. ristoriel

    Facebook Page has been restricted to sending message via messenger platform

    Hi everyone, My page recently has been restricted to sending message. I cant reply my customer anymore. Anyone know how long it will last? And is it temporary or permanent? Please help.
  5. ristoriel

    FB Ads Black Hat Method?

    Hey, I need a black hat method for FB Ads to generate target Page likes.
  6. ristoriel

    Envato elements account idea

    Hello, I have a coupon and I can create a personalized membership on a monthly basis at a very affordable price. I sell this manually in my country, I want to sell it abroad, what are your suggestions? I can also make a delivery after passing the payment. Is it more logical to build and sell a...
  7. ristoriel

    Figma or Sketch?

    Hi, So I'm going to learn one of these, which one should I learn? Thanks
  8. ristoriel

    Where to purchase a subnet?

    Hello, I am wondering where I can buy a /24 subnet. I am looking into hosting some private proxies. I have a server and everything but I am trying to figure out where to buy a clean /24.
  9. ristoriel

    What metrics matter the most? (impressions, clicks, saves?

    Hello, What metrics matter the most on Pinterest for SEO and rank? Let say I start a new board and every day I see a 1000% increase in impressions but I do not get any saves or link clicks.
  10. ristoriel

    How can I reach Facebook Group admin efficiently?

    Looking for Facebook Group admin to promote giveaways. Try to add admin and messenger them but never reply. Any efficient ways?
  11. ristoriel

    Grammarly Alternative for blogging

    Does anyone have any Grammarly Alternative for blogging? I have been using Grammaly for awhile now. I am trying to see if there are any alternatives.
  12. ristoriel

    Working VCC for Pinterest ads?

    Been looking for quite some time, anyone got any solution to run ads on Pinterest?
  13. ristoriel

    Jarvee vs Socinator

    Hello I plan to start mother/child method on Instagram. I have seen tool today and it is cheaper than Jarvee. I know that Jarvee is favourite tool on BHW for mother/child method, but has anyone tried Socinator? Also, do you think that automation is still worth trying these days?
  14. ristoriel

    Facebook Ads Payment Solution

    Are there any websites that offer reloadable virtual credit cards that work with Facebook Ads? Thank you!
  15. ristoriel

    Why proxy company use Google DNS?

    Why proxy company use google dns? Why they can not use dns from the ip provider?
  16. ristoriel

    IG Google Chrome Bot

    Hey guys, have anyone here use social media bot (GrowBot) or Up! social bot? Are they any good and did y'all gain followers on your accounts? I heard that by liking other users page related to your niche can gain you follower organically?
  17. ristoriel

    Facebook ADS and Multilogin App

    Hello, Im searching trough the forum and I found about multilogin and I have a couple of questions. Should I buy or create my facebook accounts?
  18. ristoriel

    How to verify business manager?

    We are a service providing providing legit facebook accounts(not farm) to our clients but we struggle on how to verify business manager. Any workaround on this? How can we gather so many documents to verify most of the business manager?
  19. ristoriel

    How do I get my site indexed on Google and Bing?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how I can get my Blog Site indexed on Google and Bing and other search engines. If anyone can give tips or a guide it would mean a lot.
  20. ristoriel

    What settings in Luminati for best FB results?

    Hi! What settings should you use for your proxy in Luminati for the best results using FB Business Manager?