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  1. ExtremeRandom

    Install ios app using referral code(3 ppl)

    Will pay ($2 per person) in BTC or ETH. Just need 3 people so I can get an referral bonus. Pm
  2. ExtremeRandom

    Need someone to upload torrents to multiple sites

    Would be great if your account is verified on the major tormenting sites, tpb, lime torrents etc. I dont feel like going through the trouble of mass uploading myself. Was scammed last time I tried to find someone
  3. ExtremeRandom

    Need Python3 + Django or Flask text input script

    script what I want is basically a script written in py3 + flask or django. What I want it to do is to receive a URL or any text and then copy that into a local script I have and run it. So: User input on webpage-> input is sent to script -> script runs. The script I made is to open up a...