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  1. deBling

    Help with deleting post

    Hi, i have question, can you help me with deleting a post on my instagram , where i forgot password ? I have post that might be too reiligious , please report this and help with deleting this posts :
  2. deBling

    Monetize videos on Facebook

    Hi, I am interest in monetize facebook videos. I have question to users bhw, how much you make from facbook videos and is it more profitable than youtube with adsense ?
  3. deBling

    Need to start with youtube and adsense

    Hi, I would like to start youtube channel with some gameplays and some reviews. How to start monetize youtube with adsense from 0 subscribers. Do i need to create adsense account first or should i to gain subsrcibers and then create adsene account ?
  4. deBling

    Autoposting for paid service

    Hi, I want to create website and send alert to my subscribers (only paid ones). I have question, does facebook ban or shadow ban or any kind of ban use on my facebok page ?
  5. deBling

    Need app web developer

    Hello, I am looking for an app website developer to create an webiste app. What should this app do it : - paid user will received a msg with link to paid website on wordpress - this message should contain a clean web with link - Its need to setup this messages on specific time - user need on...
  6. deBling

    Restoring expired domain

    Hi, i just bought expired domain which was used as a brand. My first idea was to use a logo and some content to create a PBN (restoring from WBM). So my question is, can i use a old text and logo from previous owner of this site ?
  7. deBling

    Looking for a cms that contains blog and forum in one place

    Hi, i need to create a blog + forum. But my main goal is to have a blog and on widget is to have latest topics/subject. Which paid or free cms will do the job?
  8. deBling

    creating content for intagram

    Hello, looking for advice for creating best ig video dimension setting. Is it better to create full hd like 1920x1080 or should i use phone dimension like 864 pixels (width) by 1080 pixels (height) amount with an aspect ratio of 4:5 ?
  9. deBling

    Voice over from voice over simulators

    Hey, i dont see no more voice overs from simulators, do you think youtube purge this such activity and mark as spam ? I want to create yt channel for voice with robot voice but i don`t know if it would make sense to monetize ?
  10. deBling

    Failed to publish image

    I dont know what happend. Cant publish image, i have tryet without caption and its fail. Using gmt2. Any solutions ?
  11. deBling

    Instagram tracking dashboard

    Hi, can i get some hint where to go to buy and install tracking dashboard for instagram. I need something like: register confirm email login live tracking for followers, likes, post count Maybe i can get from themeforest, looked into but nothing that get me buying.
  12. deBling

    Changing proxy on instagram

    Hi, i have big problem. I have to change one proxy on my big account, but i dont have access to phone number that has attached to this account. I dont have access to old proxy too, cos its stops working and they forced me to change it. When i tryet change it proxy on my other account, they...
  13. deBling

    Starting with shopify

    Hi, i just create new shop with shopify, and i want to start selling, but its required a credit card. My card from bank dosent, so my question is, can i use any virtual credit card, if yes, which will pass?
  14. deBling

    Load time vs shinning

    Hi, i have question regarding conversion and bounce rate (which is almost same). The problem that i would like to use a heavy loaded fancy wordpress theme like veera , which contain stuff like slider revolution and visual composition, which is loaded heavly on my side...but i check the demo site...
  15. deBling

    Best time to follow and gain us followers?

    Hi, looking for best time to gain US followers. So far i think best time is 9-12 pm, then 3.30 - 23 pm ?
  16. deBling

    How to promote my child instapage

    Hey i want to promote my other page from my mother page (15k). How to do it safetly and succesfully at one time?
  17. deBling

    Faster processing order wordpress plugin

    Hi, i have question, i am looking for a automaticly processing order from aliexpress site. Is there any wordpres plugin for woocommerce to do this: - automaticly processing order - automaticly paying from paypal or other paymetn method.
  18. deBling

    Connect with ig page and posting on diff ip

    Hello i would like you to ask about posting stuff on facebook. I would like to post stuff from my original IP or from some posting program or app e.t.c. Btw, i want to connect with instagram page, but on different IP. Does it affect my facebook or instagram when i will posting and using...
  19. deBling

    How do can i monetize kids on instagram

    Hey, i have few ig accounts with mostly kids. How can i monetize them ? I gouess they dont have much money. Should burn accounts and go with blackhat cpa ?
  20. deBling

    Follow back

    I just wondering, should i turn on follow back? Laiter on i will unfollow, so its possible to person will also unfollow. Should i waste "credits" for follow back ? What is your experience.