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  1. Entimos

    Thinking to relocate in Amsterdam

    Hi! I'm Mario, 25y Man from Romania. Looking Good, Good shape, Good at thinking. I currently have some issues in my life. One of the most concerning problem is about money. I dont earn money after i quit my internet businesses and going insane with some of my friends. After that 1Year working in...
  2. Entimos

    Facebook plan

    I m looking to create 1 account per shared(5 guys) proxy 4g Romania , i want think to buy 20 with 80$. After 2 weeks You think i can set campaings with 5 group post/ day without spamming and to keep my accs fine over a 2-3 months period? Without friend accepting and guys profiles
  3. Entimos

    My wordpress website have problems in advertising. Anyone can help ?

    Hi, BHW! I'm new here, and i hope to not post in a wrong category. I have one wordpress website, with ~5k with 50%US traffic . All my traffic comes from Facebook I analize my earnings and is not ok. I use bitly to check visitators, cloudflare like hosting. So i have this problem for some time...