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  1. iMorning

    Damn Stressed

    Been wanted to have an Amazon aff site (all journeys here really impressed me) Kw research really stressed me out. Spend hours and hours, research one by one, day by day, using all the techniques that has been shared here. Every time I saw bunch of high authority/e-commerce site in top 10...
  2. iMorning

    ClickBank/Affiliate Marketing without Landingpage

    Thanks, i will try this too and see how if this help in converting visitors into sales
  3. iMorning

    ClickBank/Affiliate Marketing without Landingpage

    Nope.. since u mention it, i will google it. I found 2 others promote the same product, and 1 is collecting email leads and redirect to product salepage, and the other one is 1 quiz landing page i contacted them just to asking their conversion rate based on their landing page.. yet still no...
  4. iMorning

    ClickBank/Affiliate Marketing without Landingpage

    im not giving a tips here.. just share my experiment on FB ads my 3rd days running FB ads, 5 hop clicks with 0 sales.. still thinking what im doing wrong.. i assume that the problems so far : - images ads - landing page - product itself (100+ gravity) going to test another 2 ads, and i will...
  5. iMorning

    Cloaking , still work?

    Am i missing something? Do cloaker a must here? FB not allowed any ads from Aff site? Saw you mentioned about safe page n money page My LP still in progress, promoting CB. Trying to pay an ads on Fb to my LP later when finish
  6. iMorning

    Q - Making Software

    Thanks, you wrote a lot and thanks again for your recommendation. Well, i learned something new too from this and there is something hardly to understand at some points. Maybe I will understand/see it later when i'm in the learning/making the progress. Wew, i need to choose which language then...
  7. iMorning

    Q - Making Software

    Okay I will slowly learning those language and thanks for the site suggestion. Already check them out (registered as well). This cool and seems easier to start with for noob like me i guess, thanks! Oh this new words for me, I surely will look for this Thank you Well i guess you guys help me...
  8. iMorning

    Q - Making Software

    After 7-8 years in bhw, i just knew that we had this section lol :eek: Back to my question I want making a simple software/program for laptop/pc windows, what language is needed for me to learn? maybe anyone can suggest a site which i can start learning making software from scratch Now im...
  9. iMorning

    How much are you making as a Clickbank affiliate in 2020? [SCREENSHOTS]

    anybody want to update their today CB earning here? need some encouragement because my head goes blank while finding CB products , saw many unprofessional (idk what to called this, maybe simple looking/unattractive) vendor LP. sometimes its getting hard for me to see the way of promoting, when...
  10. iMorning

    How to remove social media buttons from my WP website?

    Yes, remove or get the element id then using display none if possible. If u afraid messing the code display none is good too.
  11. iMorning

    Fucking had it!

    Oh yeah, i feel the same at the some points.. Its like "fake" / excessive / hyped intro with false claimed.. That's why i'm not using the same technique (i should not follow/be like them xD) Plus, that's why i'm not promoting any CPA offers with fake generators etc around the net
  12. iMorning

    Free backlinks ? Help!

    I create my website backlinks from freebies around BHW. Pretty good for my local website ranking. rank 1-3 spot. But getting 30% spam score tho.. and it doesnt do much with local i guess. Search free backlinks on BHW / as KEEN-G said above.
  13. iMorning

    Q - Amzn Site and Domain Pick

    Hmm hi again, sorry for keep asking some noob question but I still need some answer to this. Again, im in process of promoting amzn affiliate products and still doing the kw research at this moment. Already in mind which company for buying domain and hosting (from bhwers suggestion also -...
  14. iMorning

    Q - Choosing Web Hosting

    Thanks all, I will start with shared hosting then. Thanks again!
  15. iMorning

    Q - Choosing Web Hosting

    Thanks! I will go for it.
  16. iMorning

    Q - Domain Age

    Emm i see. Expired domain still confusing to me but ok. Thanks. Oh, "never been dropped", this new to me. I will go check this out. Thanks.
  17. iMorning

    Q - Choosing Web Hosting

    Hello, i have little, just a little exp with hosting around 1 or 2 exp with hosting on hostgator about 7-8 years ago and that's just it. Now, when searching about hosting i saw many type of hosting like shared etc. So, if i want to build an amzn aff website, which type of hosting should i go...
  18. iMorning

    Q - Domain Age

    Hello there, I'm thinking on buying age domain for my amzn aff site. I'm just focus only on ABY metric with 0 backlinks. Do you have an experience buying age domain name? Does the age (ABY - as ExpiredDomains shown) have some value in SEO for ranking / indexing factor (better than fresh/new...