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  1. Dhilariousdandy

    Looking to hire someone to publish a press release in a real estate

    Hello, I am looking for someone to write a press release for a real estate commercial website and have it posted on and any other authoritative real estate press release related websites. Please kindly inbox me with your price and other real estate websites you can...
  2. Dhilariousdandy

    Looking to hire someone for editorial publication in business related websites

    My client is an Entrepreneur and a business coach. She's looking to get an article about her business published on some authority business-related websites. Please kindly message me with the website links where the article will be published alongside your prices if you can help us with this.
  3. Dhilariousdandy

    Looking to Hire Someone For Editorial Publication

    I need someone who can write and publish articles on high editorial websites in the art industry using multiple media channels. Minimum of 50 DA Budget is $200 - $250 per site Please send me samples, the list of sites you can get us featured in, and price lists. Thanks.
  4. Dhilariousdandy

    [Get] Another Working Upwork Free 10 Connect Using This Coupon Code

    Hi guys, here is another working Upwork coupon code; sadly, it's only 10 connects, but since it's free for us, I'm sure it worth it. :) Although I don't know if this has been shared here already, If not, then enjoy it while it lasts. Now, go to Upwork, click on profile, settings, membership...
  5. Dhilariousdandy

    [Get] Use This Coupon Code to Get Free 40 Connect on Upwork

    Go to Upwork, click on profile, settings, membership and connect, click on "Add More Connect" select the $6 package for 40 connects, and enter this promo code without the quote "NOV_40". Lastly, click on apply and buy connect.
  6. Dhilariousdandy

    Looking For A Writer With Knowledge Of Wordpress To Write An Extensive Guide

    I'm currently looking for a native English writer with extensive knowledge of WordPress to put together a well detailed guide on how to create a portfolio website using WordPress. This would be a step-by-step post, including screenshots, about how to set up hosting, install WordPress, and set...
  7. Dhilariousdandy

    Looking to hire a native polish to write and publish guest posts

    I need a Native talents who can write guest posts and publish on the Poland or Polish sites. Do-follow links are preferred. Please provide a inbox me with a list of websites(tech preferred), DA should be 50 and above, Alexa ranking(less than 300,000) , price, and more information. The content...
  8. Dhilariousdandy

    How do I set up 301 redirect in Godaddy?

    I'm finding it a bit hard to set up 301 in Godaddy; this is actually my first time doing this. Can anyone please guide me on some steps I follow. The main website I want to redirect to is registered on Namecheap, while the domain I want to redirect is registered on Goddady. How do I start the...
  9. Dhilariousdandy

    Native English Writers Needed For a Long-term Project - Rate is 0.005 per word

    I need native English writers who can write quality, informative, engaging, and original content for Amazon Affiliate site and blog posts in varieties of niches/industry. Rate is 0.005 cent per word. This is a longterm project that could possibly last for years. Can you stick to Deadlines and...
  10. Dhilariousdandy

    Is it advisable to insert videos from YouTube in an Amazon affiliate site?

    I'm just starting a new Amazon affiliate site and I was wondering if it's against Amazon TOC to insert videos from YouTube in my review articles. (The videos are not mine) They are just random videos from YouTube.
  11. Dhilariousdandy

    How do you guys write a good and unique privacy policy page for Adsense approval?

    I need help on writing a unique privacy policy page and terms and conditions page for Google AdSense approval. My site has 100% unique content but my privacy policy and terms and condition pages are not unique, I have tried using some privacy policy generators yet its working out. Google keep...
  12. Dhilariousdandy

    I need a suggestion on what programming language i can start as a newbie

    Hello mates, I want to go into programming but I'm quite confused on the language to start with. I have basic knowledge of HTML and a very little basic knowledge of PHP. However, my aim is to build and develop softwares and apps. Your suggestions would be highly appreciated
  13. Dhilariousdandy

    I'm looking for someone who can customize my Newspaper theme

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a WordPress professional to customize my Newspaper Wordpress theme to my taste.