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  1. Ash1

    My journey to clearing debts and earning $1k per month

    I think diversifying your portfolio can add better to your income. You can try editing stuff along with the present work in the future. There are many such content mills who require editing 300-500 words articles or if you take up any research paper proofreading (from professors at grad...
  2. Ash1

    Need a Freelance Journalist for B2B writing

    Hi there, The project details are as follows: Type: B2B (Product Descriptions, Informative Articles) Word limit: Anything between 500 and 2500 words English: US The project is long-term and research-intensive. Need someone who can join immediately. I need an individual freelancer and not a...
  3. Ash1

    How much does a PROPER English writer cost?

    Hey @tarman5490 If you are looking for a good writer for news agency websites, then expect the compensation to be around: Native writer: Min. 30-40 USD per 1000 words. Non-native writer: Depends on the market rate of the country they are from. Points to remember: 1. For writing news...
  4. Ash1

    SEO Link Building Health&Wellness

    Hey Guys, Hope you're keeping safe. I'm back in Link Building after a break. At present, I'm serving 2 clients. I have used Moz analytics (DA) as well as Ahrefs (DR) on my way to Link Building. 1) Which one do you think is the most reliable to use while checking site authority and traffic...
  5. Ash1

    Need B2B Lead Generation

    Hello Guys, I hope you're keeping safe. I'm looking for B2B lead generation in the niche-: 1) sex and relationships and 2)Cannabis I am in need of a Virtual Assistant (VA) for the task. Note: PBNs (Private Blog Network) are not acceptable. Niche: 1) Sex and Relationships 2)Cannabis Websites...
  6. Ash1

    Urgently Need US Guest Post Writer

    Hi Guys, I am in need of a Guest Post Writer. Requirement: 1) The writer must be US 2) Article: 500 words 3) Work Frequency: Greatly depends on the quality. 4) Turnaround time: 24 hrs (Most preferred) English Literature Graduates/Journalists are most welcome. Budget: $10 I'd like to see...
  7. Ash1

    [JOURNEY] Web scraping with scrapy

    It's not about the particular site. You scrape websites and then you crawl them to pull out email addresses. Now all the trick lies in the regex function you use to validate email ids & how you manage to filter the trash that comes with it.
  8. Ash1

    Pinterest Journey to make sales

    Thanks for not banning me for this. I really wasn't aware this will have such repercussions. All I just hope now to complete 100 posts somehow without getting banned, so as to upgrade the account.
  9. Ash1

    Need to hire VA for Email contact scraping, Content writing, Link building.

    Hi Guys, Happy new year to everyone! I am in need of Virtual Assistants (VA) for the following tasks: 1) Email contact scraping / Website scraping [urgent] 2) Content writing 3) Link Building (via guest posts) Please come with the reports of previous work or trial. And, I'm expecting all...
  10. Ash1

    Looking to Hire VA to manage Pinterest account

    Hi Guys, I'm in a search for someone who can provide me with Pinterest account management service. The VA must have: 1) apt knowledge about how Pinterest works. 2) Awareness about the ever-changing Pinterest trends. 3) Experience of lead generation through Pinterest (making sales). Whoever...
  11. Ash1

    [JOURNEY] Web scraping with scrapy

    Hey buddy, I'm glad to see someone trying that which I was trying from days. I was trying to scrape email contacts using scrapy. But, I got a lot of unwanted results. I'm facing issues in manipulating the regex expression / re.findall() function. Also, I don't know how I can apply to reject...
  12. Ash1

    SEO Link Building Health&Wellness

    So, I have used Buzzstream for few days & there is more to explore. Till now, what I have found is: 1) You can't rely on Buzzstream to scrape email contacts. works better at precision. 2) You can scrape prospects list from the page where you are searching for results -...
  13. Ash1

    Hire Experienced SEO Experts || Content Writers || Ubot Coders || Web Designers - VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS

    Hi, I have ordered for email contact scraping to take a trial and I'd like to extend this to experience your service. Along with contact scraping, I also have some other requirements. Let me know if you're able to take up this job. Looking forward to discussing it further. @Ash1
  14. Ash1

    Need Email Contact Scraper

    Hi, I need some assistance in Link Building asap. I am looking for a Virtual Assistant for Email Contact scraping (along with Name of the website owner/website editor)
  15. Ash1

    SEO Link Building Health&Wellness

    Hi Guys, It's been days, I have updated this post. I have paused the Link Building for 1.5 months as my exams were approaching. Now that I have resumed it, I would need some helping hands to continue. I have structured the work and now I'm in need of some VAs (Virtual Assistants) to take up...
  16. Ash1

    SEO Link Building Health&Wellness

    Yep, they do work, provided the target website has similar articles on its blog. Around this time, I have approached a couple of tech sites and thanks I'll surely try your way of choosing article topics. Right now working to automate my emails so that I could send them in bulk. Will update...
  17. Ash1

    (METHOD) Ranking Pins on Pinterest

    Oh! I certainly didn't mean to do so. My intention was just to put forward my experience in regards to his doubts so that he could get familiar with the possibilities that may occur. Anyways, thanks for informing me about "thread hijacking" - didn't know even that exists!
  18. Ash1

    (METHOD) Ranking Pins on Pinterest

    yep! I myself got banned unknowingly! repin but do it in a proper manner that it shouldn't seem obvious. I have detailed all of my experience here: check it out! @Ash1
  19. Ash1

    Guest Post

    Eric, This journey might help you.
  20. Ash1

    $$$$$Contact Form Marketing-STRATEGIES THAT BRING IN BUSINESS!!!$$$$$

    Damn! I'm so into reading these threads that I didn't even noticed that!