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  1. loopoo

    Need advertising networks for new adult site

    Need advertising networks for new adult site (2 months). and added me, are there any other?
  2. loopoo for backlinks and traffic?

    Can I get backlinks and traffic from for my adult video tube? It is pupular nsfw network, but related with seo nothing found in google.
  3. loopoo

    What about TKEYCOIN?

    Want to invest in but not sure? Someone have some info?
  4. loopoo - Scamming Smartlink Adult Dating CPA

    Two weeks ago I received an invitation from this user. (now banned) Made the minimum amount for withdrawal. (100$ not much) Waited for money transfer. (till now) And TA-DA: I WROTE THIS THREAD BECAUSE I RECEIVED GOOD LESSON: DON'T USE CPA WITHOUT GOOD REVIEWS ON TRUSTFULL RESOURCES AND I WANT...
  5. loopoo

    [Journey] Geometric Progression + Football Bets

    Hi BHW! I think this is first journey where the goal is to lose money instead to earn them. I want to prove myself that betting is evil and I must use money making methods with minimal risk. In this journey I invested 460$ and I do not intend to withdraw them. I will earn money on football...
  6. loopoo

    Someone knows in-stream video ads CPA (Adult)?

    Hi, I need adult in-stream video ads CPA. I bought traffic from but now they say: At the moment, video traffic is not enough.:weep: Someone knows similar networks?
  7. loopoo

    [Journey] Porn Upload + Adult Dating CPA

    Hello BHW, I’m Alex and one month ago I started this journey. I analyzed the niche and came up with my own twist. Sorry but I will not share any information that will create competition for me. I created this topic for my own motivation, as for those who also want to start working in this niche...