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  1. Jun Santilla

    Moderator said that I posted a SPAM

    Someone posted that he wants to move his site to another web host. My reply is "Web developer here and I can help you." And I already got the following message. ------------------- Selling Outside of Marketplace Jun Santilla, Your message (I WANT TO MOVE MY SITE) contains inappropriate...
  2. Jun Santilla

    Do we have members here from Philippines?

    Just wondering if I'm the only Filipino here.
  3. Jun Santilla

    Does direct traffic affect my google ranking?

    Sorry, I have a new website and I'm confused if direct traffic may affect to SEO. I'm new in SEO.
  4. Jun Santilla

    I have a new website

    Hi! I just want to share my new website. This site will contain articles on how to make a website and other related guides for beginners. eightcupsofcoffee .org I want to get your suggestions to improve this website in general. Any feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Many...