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  1. ristoriel

    Looking for Residential Proxy IP Undetectable VPN

    Try checking in the marketplace, lots of sellers around who offer proxies from different locations. Always remember to make sure that these proxies are dedicated and connect to real cell phone towers to give you a true mobile experience.
  2. ristoriel

    Does Jarvee work for IG again yet?

    It was always possible, with the right proxies and just the optimized amount of actions. From my experience, working with Jarvee is all trial and error but once you get the hang of it, works like magic.
  3. ristoriel

    Best Residential Proxy Providers? (Reasonable Prices)

    There's literally no difference between residential proxy and rotating residential proxy. As a rule, all residential proxies have a normal rotation schedule during which it the ISP rotates between your IP and the general pool of people using the internet. Nothing unnatural. Some proxy providers...
  4. ristoriel

    I can't understand this act from facebook ? help please

    Have you ever opened the accounts at the same time with one pc? Or do you run them during different hours?
  5. ristoriel

    BM's being blocked for Unusual Activty

    How healthy are the IPs? Try identifying anything that happened with these accounts that isn't normal for BM accounts to do. For example, when you were running the accounts, did you ever by accident access any of them from a different IP?
  6. ristoriel

    Where would i find a list of anonymous proxies?

    Have you tried personally DM'ing trusted providers if you've handpicked any from the marketplace? You could always ask for a limited trial and try them out to truly check if the proxies work with your use case.
  7. ristoriel

    Jarvee is fucking shit, someone have another idea?

    Curious, have you checked other dependencies though? For example are your proxies set up correctly? Are you using dedicated residential proxies?
  8. ristoriel

    Best High Quality Proxy recommendation?

    FB won't exactly filter and allow a specific proxy provider, they're mostly into IPs. When you're on FB or any other social media platform, what you'd want is dedicate mobile proxies, that don't have changing device signatures. As long as the IP is residential, social media platforms won't have...
  9. ristoriel

    Proxy for social media?

    4G proxies work the best for social media. What platform are you starting your automation journey with?
  10. ristoriel

    [Question] Best Proxy/Cheap Proxies For Instagram

    Any service that sells high quality 4G mobile proxies. Location is an important factor here, what location are you farming your accounts in if you don't mind sharing?
  11. ristoriel

    Find 4G Proxy Supplier

    Are you looking for US proxies? Or a different location?
  12. ristoriel

    How to do instagram MASS DM

    You could try botting. Make sure you use 4G proxies and keep a minimum interval between DMs. I'd consider getting a custom bot made.
  13. ristoriel

    Blocked on Instagram

    300-350 actions/hour is a lot of actions to take. Have you tried tuning that down a bit? Starting from 50/hour?
  14. ristoriel


    4G residential proxies work the best with twitter and all other social media platforms.
  15. ristoriel

    What Proxy witll be Best for making YouTube channel?

    4G mobile proxies work the best when it comes to multiple account creation.
  16. ristoriel

    I need proxy rotating provider which will work on Google scrape/search and creating google accounts

    Dedicated mobile proxies work better with scraping than shared proxies. Most providers allow manual rotation of proxies for a minimum fee which you can control from your account settings without messaging the provider.
  17. ristoriel

    Los Angeles, San Jose proxies

    Any high quality residential proxies should work well. Have you tried any provider from the BHW marketplace? I'd pick some, ask them for free trials and test them out myself to see if they work with Google.
  18. ristoriel

    What is the best proxy for Instagram automation?

    What location are you looking proxies for? US or any other? Indeed there are many many providers in the marketplace, so my suggestion would be to make sure while choosing a provider: a) that these providers are using true cell phones as hardware and b) the proxies are dedicated. You can go...
  19. ristoriel

    Need Help in Tracing Proxy Source

    Have you tried checking through a website like
  20. ristoriel

    looking for proxy providers

    Try checking the marketplace - 4G proxies should work great with testing and many providers in the marketplace sell proxies with unlimited bandwidth.