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  1. NimaZeynali

    [GiveAway] 45-186 sidebar links to rank youtube videos or spam niches

    Hi all, Total packages : 8 6 : 45 sidebar links (for members with +150 posts) 2 : 186 sidebar links (for JRs) Send your Link(s) and keywords TAT : 2 - 4 days Note : Don't use this package for money site (Only blackhat) my selling thread will be launched soon : D (wish me luck)
  2. NimaZeynali

    Google now showing any description!

    Hi all, one of my pages does'nt have any description! checked with (page source and search console test page and they show description tag) whats happening? although cleared cache from GSC
  3. NimaZeynali

    How? [Sitemap problem]

    Hi all, I didn't upload any sitemaps on site,but it shows many spam urls (its not on my GSC) Not in my GSC and file manager!
  4. NimaZeynali

    Creating private VPN app - where to buy cheap servers?

    Hi all, I want to create private vpn app for android and IOS with maximum 2k daily users (only invited) I saw hetzner servers that costs $4/month with 20TB traffic and 2gb ram that supports 1k users but it has only German and finland Now where can I find US,France,Canada,netherlands ... servers...
  5. NimaZeynali

    [Question] Average admob earning - 2021

    Hi all, Im going to create 2 apps this month,but want to know how much can I earn with these stats? (Min and Max) Active daily users : 5k Countries : tier1 (USA,Netherlands,UK) Pageviews/user : 2 type of apps : VPN and Fitness thanks you NOTE : I searched whole of youtube and quora for this!
  6. NimaZeynali

    [help] Where to download totally free images?

    Hi all, where can I download quality images for my apps? (I know that google trick : D )
  7. NimaZeynali

    Easiest niches for adsense?

    Hi folks I want to hire a content writer for my blog,so want to know whats the easy and good paying niches on adsense? my first goal is $300/month (want to achieve in 1 year)
  8. NimaZeynali

    Use adwords for app marketing? [Help]

    Im going to run couple of quality apps in different niches like quotes,fitness,anime ... so now want to know what is the best way to promote them? (the are not reskinned) my monthly budget is : $200 - $250
  9. NimaZeynali

    Need a tool for bulk image + text combination

    Hello, do you know any tool that combines image with text (quotes) in bulk? Ex I give it +1000 texts and +100 images then combines them and make 1000 quotes (use an image for 10 quotes)
  10. NimaZeynali

    [JV] my quotes app + your content

    Hello, I have a team that can make 1 quotes app per month (or 2/month - not reskinned app) so need a guy who can create content and take marketing side (increase downloads with ASO/G-ads/Social). if you have experience,DM me we can make any app
  11. NimaZeynali

    What is your CTR on Admob?

    Hello, Mine is near to increase it?
  12. NimaZeynali

    Best link building service on BHW? [Tested ones]

    Hello, going link building service (movie niche),so want to know best sellers (tested) please drop name or link and your experience
  13. NimaZeynali

    whatsthe name of this theme?

    Hi all 123moviesfree . net/
  14. NimaZeynali

    Best plugin to do this?

    Hi all, how can I make such a this page? step by step ordering + tutorial thanks
  15. NimaZeynali

    Where Can I find fb groups to advertise my movie site?

    Hi all,anybody has a list or suggestion? thanks
  16. NimaZeynali

    Can I monetize Compilations youtube channel? [Insta+Tiktok]

    Can I? Whats the average RPM for tier1 traffic? thanks
  17. NimaZeynali

    Best link building strategy for movie site?

    HIi all,I can buy high quality backlinks with lower price (non-english language) ,but Want to know what are best links for movie site? - web 2.0 - comment - forum - edu,gov - cheap PBN thanks
  18. NimaZeynali

    Does Rankerx work for movie site?

    Hi all, does it worth to buy rankerx account for $50 (one month) and use it for movie site? thanks what is best backlink package for movie site on bhw?
  19. NimaZeynali

    How movie sites do this??

    I was analysing some of movie sites then saw this! all of them do this' they have millions backlinks like this! are those their sites or something else? thanks and sorry for my english
  20. NimaZeynali

    How to redirect to

    Hi all , how movie streaming sites do this? they redirect all of their links to a subdomain (301) then start ranking again? do we have a code for this? thanks